3 Tips to Create a Conversion-focused Web Design

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Publish Date : 2020-06-12 05:39:09

3 Tips to Create a Conversion-focused Web Design

Are you concerned about website conversion? You are not alone. Most entrepreneurs focus on its looks rather than focusing on functionality and design that converts prospects. Having a presence on social media will drive no results if your website is not conversion-focused. It is a website that makes your users take the call to action.

Social media presence is crucial, but the ultimate destination is your website. If it fails to provide a user-friendly experience for any reason, it will not convert your prospects. It is why it is crucial to emphasise the designs and functionality of users.

When it comes to converting visitors to sales, you will have to provide valuable content to users, but that is not enough. If your website has lots of distractions and does not highlight the points that can influence their decision, you will lose your prospects to your competitors. When it comes to conversion, design plays a paramount role.

A well-designed landing page helps users decipher entire information easily to take the right action. How your website quickly offers everything is what persuades your users to make a call to action. Here are the steps to create a conversion-focused website.

Crucial elements should be at the top

No matter how good content you have written, expecting your users to read the entire content is absurd as nobody has enough time to devote to reading. Users generally scan through information to pick essential and relevant points to make a decision. Elements that can influence the decision of a user right away should be at the top.

The best way to persuade users to take action immediately is to mention critical highlights at the top of the content. You can also add a banner on your web page that highlights key features of your product. Users do not have time and do not take the pain to scroll down throughout the page to filter relevant information.

If you want them to click call-to-action, you will have to serve them all the information. The more comfort you provide to users, the better conversion will be.

For instance, if you are providing tools to increase website traffic, you can write “Tools to grow your search traffic and monitor your competitors moves” in the banner in bold and bigger fonts, and just below it, insert a tab that reads “Start a 7-day trial free”. If you manage to mention the most crucial information in the top field, more users will likely be converted.

Make your call-to-action (CTA) stand out

If you want to convert your users to sales, you will have to make the CTA tab stand out. No matter how excellently you have highlighted key points to help the user decide right away, they will not take action if they do not find CTA easily.

There is a reason for a CTA to exist, and that is to persuade users to take the desired action. You cannot achieve your goal unless users click the CTA tab. Though it is imperative to provide complete and engaging information to users to help them make a decision, it is not enough to fulfil your goal.

You must have to draw the attention of users to CTA. It must be at a place where it quickly catches the attention of the user. A general rule of thumb says that it should be just below the most significant information influencing a user's decision.

For instance, you can put the tab that reads "Apply for 100% guaranteed loans" just below the tab that reads "Interest rates 4.5% instead of 6.5%". To make the CTA stand out, use a colourful tab that does not slip through the users' sight. Make fonts bigger and bolder so that visitors can understand where the CTA is.  

Focus on optimisation techniques

You cannot ignore optimisation techniques if you want to convert your users to sales. The higher the traffic to your website, the higher the conversion will be. However, you must have the relevant traffic. The volume of traffic to your website depends on your SEO techniques. It helps your website rank on the top page of search engines.

You can increase traffic to your website through organic SEO techniques and paid ads and referral sources. You will need to focus on on-page and off-page SEO. As long as the content is high-quality and user-friendly, search engines will give you a higher rank. However, you need to ensure that people stick to your website for a longer time so that the bounce rate of your website is as low as possible.

Although paid ad campaigns can boost traffic, organic results are still better for maintaining a higher rank on search engines for higher conversion. Try to make your presence on social media, understand your audience's needs, provide them with the right solution before your competitors, and identify how you can hook them to your product.

If you want to boost conversion, the web page should be highly appealing to your users. Ensure that you provide all information precisely and highlight key points to influence users to press the CTA tab immediately. The design should be minimalistic and user-friendly so that they do not get bored and confused while picking the idea what the page is about. The tips mentioned above can help you create a conversion-focused web design.

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