7 Ways To Remove Ripoff Report From Google Search Results

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Publish Date : 2020-08-07 16:12:27

7 Ways To Remove Ripoff Report From Google Search Results

What is the Ripoff Report?

Ripoff Report is a privately owned website where consumers are encouraged to post negative reviews of businesses that they feel are being fooled or are not satisfied with the services of that company. It helps other consumers to be aware and companies to change their work policies. The Ripoff Report is a highly accepted online platform for consumer complaints nowadays. Unlike the Complaints Board, which allows posting Good and Bad reviews, Ripoff Report only allows negative reviews. It's designed to be a warning tool for customers.

Consumers can visit this site freely and vent online without paying a single penny about products and services that are unsatisfactory that can cause harm.

When a consumer posts a review on Ripoff Reports his/her name, address, and email are needed to post. However, the site doesn't do much to make sure that the user posting a review or comment is accurate or fake. Pretty much anyone can post whenever and whatever they want to post for any business. While other review sites usually offer some way for business to respond to fake reviews.

Ripoff Reports don't provide so many authorities to remove lies and half-truth posted by consumers. Because if any comment is posted, it stays there forever and won't be removed simply.

This can be a very big and embarrassing problem for businesses, including those that do everything in their power to resolve fake comments and make their customers happy. 

Are Ripoff Report Search Results difficult to remove?

It all depends on situations and have different factors which decide if it will be easy or not. First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How competitive are the search results for your firm or business?

  • What information is available for you on the internet?

  • When was this complaint posted?

  • Is this page regularly updated?

There are some promising signs that some of this may change - many hopes are there that Google will eventually start having to use a more sophisticated removal system that can't be easily subverted. Recent changes in the SERPs also indicate Google has begun to algorithmically devalue and demote ROR's search engine rankings.

So there is a ray of hope. But at the same time, business owners have only limited resources. Unfortunately, this is the reality of trying to remove those fake Ripoff Reports. If you truly want it to remove those fake Ripoff Reports then it requires a lot of vigilance, resources, help from experts and a lot of hard work. 

7 Traditional ways for dealing with False Ripoff Reports

People generally choose these few options to combat these damaging listings:

1. You can post a "rebuttal" to the fake report

Rebuttals only appear below the original report, and it does not change the negative language that appears in the original listing. Sometimes it can make things worse by providing more content for search engines to index, data can be provided by business owners in defence or by other comments.

Tip: If you post a Rebuttal make sure to write it indirectly. For example - Instead of saying something like " Hyundai's Car..." try using "The car and company noted above...". It makes a difference.

2. You can appeal to the original author of the report

This is one of the best ways to deal with the Ripoff report. But few people choose this path because rarely does the original author have the financial resources to pay for any monetary judgement that might be obtained. And, indeed, Ripoff Report won't allow the person who posted to remove the fake report, so getting a court injunction requiring them to remove the report is the only option.

3. You need to hire a Reputation Management firm to “deploy” the Ripoff Report about you

If you want immediate results and you can't take risks on your own then you must consult an online reputation management expert that specializes in white hat ORM SEO tactics. Don't think about money because that report is decreasing your reputation in the market as well. These firms can't remove the Ripoff Report review, but they can use offsite bloggers outreach to promote positivity, high-authority content about your firm that has been optimized to bury that false Ripoff Report on the 2nd page or lower and you already know only 3% users open the second page of Google. Just you need to be aware that their services don't usually come cheap, and search algorithms change all the time, so maybe it can't be buried if ranking factors change.

4. Join its "Corporate Advocacy Program" and pay for it

Ripoff Report has another program for business owners that already have negative comments called the Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP).

The CAP program starts at a minimum amount of $5000, depending on the number of listings a business has. It does not ensure that it will remove negative reviews, but it will turn the negative reviews title tag into a positive title tag. Then the firm will provide some content about their business, which would appear on the top of the negative review on the same page.

Most of the Ripoff Report verified businesses currently listed in their directory are actually in CAP. You can check some firm name any time of what the revised list would look like.

5. Remove Ripoff from Google Search Results

If you know who posted the comment, you can appeal to them directly. However, that person will not be able to delete the original comment. The best they can do is to add on to the original comment. And that practice ultimately makes that negative review higher in search results. And if the person didn't accept that proposal then request it make things worse for you.

The best case in this scenario? They do nothing. The worst-case scenario? They can file more complaints or they can continue to update the original update This is one of the main reasons that it is darn tricky to remove the Ripoff Report. If you are responding directly on the platform to that complaint or report, then you are the reason who is keeping that page active. The Ripoff report link is a challenging proposition for website owners. All you can do is:

  • Create social media profiles

  • Get featured on other blogs to push down a Ripoff Report in the SERP's

  • Add your site to industry sites and directories

  • Build links to positive content

  • Don't panic and don't spam

  • Utilise YoutTube videos to push down Ripoff Reports In Google Search Results

  • Use press releases

  • Utilise a blog

  • Don't use force, coerce or threaten

6. Bury ripoffreport.com in Search Results

The best option to get out of this problem is to push down your report in the Google search result. This is also the most ethical way to reclaim a good name and put you on track to maintain a decent online reputation. Online Reputation Management experts are dedicated to generating original content in various media (articles, videos, social media profiles, websites, etc.). You must interlink and optimize your own content to clean up your online reputation.  Trying this approach helps you in outranking Ripoff Reports so they stay off the first page of your search engine results.

7.  Use Press Releases

A press release is a tool used to announce something that is newsworthy in the most objective way possible. The whole purpose of a press release is to get coverage and get noticed by a target audience in a specific area. When a business owner uses a press release then it makes a strong bond between owner and customer. So by this, an owner can bury the Ripoff Report by gaining trust from customers. 

Why is it challenging to complete the Ripoff Report on Google Search?

1. The popularity of domain: It is the oldest complaint website and ranked high on Google. Any complaint posted in Ripoff has a high chance to rank on Google. Whenever a report is posted in the Ripoff Report then it appears in the top three results of Google.

2. The name itself: It is very important to choose a name that is catchy and attracts us to click on it. If you are looking to post a complaint about a company, won’t you be enticed to choose something that names Ripoff Report? Instead of a review website, you would like to post on the website that only talks about scams and frauds.

3. More and More Updates: When someone complains about you, the results ought to stay on the first page. People who reported other people will also share their experiences. This makes content-rich and increases the rankings in google search results. 

The Conclusion:

Ripoff Report is one of the top-rated and oldest complaining websites and it gains a lot of popularity among the search engines. Any report posted on this website appears on the top results of google's SERP.

And going forward, If you are hit by this website then it indicates that you are going to face a lot of problems.

It is also true that the processes may be required to repeat at certain intervals for some profiles. 

But, it is still a Win-Win deal.

You can expect this solution to be highly effective and cheaper than any other options listed above.

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