A Complete Guidebook For Orange Essential Oils

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A Complete Guidebook For Orange Essential Oils

Pure Essential oils are the oils derived from the plants and required by the human body. These are named as essential because they can not be synthesized by humans. Simply put, their requirement from outside makes them precious.

A number of categories of oils are manufactured from species of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and others. Citrus sinensis, the orange fruit is used for the production of orange essential oil from its rind. A process called cold pressing is used to extract the oil. In this process, high pressure is used to take out the oil from the rind. Also, sometimes flowers and leaves are also used. Now, let us look at some amazing facts about these oils.

What Are The Benefits

These oils have a wide range of benefits that make them a popular choice among the people. Some of the great benefits are:

  1. Possess anti-microbial activity - Effective in inhibiting the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi. It was observed that less than 1% concentration of the oil inhibited the growth of E.coli bacteria at refrigeration temperatures.

  2. Tackle anxiety and depression - Aromatherapy with the oil have a great effect on reducing depression and provide relaxation. It also reduces pulse rate and stress hormone levels in children.

  3. Acts as a pain reliever - When the oil is used topically on the skin or during aromatherapy, it tends to reduce short term pain. Oil blend with ginger proved helpful in reducing knee pain for a short duration.

  4. Antioxidant and Anticancer property - An ingredient of orange essential oil, limonene, reduces the growth of cancer cells. Several other components help in neutralizing free radicals inside the body.

  5. Helps in weight loss - Obesity is a worrisome factor for a large number of people. Orange oil can help to some extent in reducing their weight.

What Are The Its Daily Uses

As we have looked at the benefits of the oil, it is obvious that with these wide-ranging advantages, it is used for several purposes. Some of them are:

  1. Orange essential oil for hair helps in relieving headaches and enhancing the productivity of a person. 

  2. Due to its sweet aroma, it helps in neutralizing bathroom odors and spread its soothing odor.

  3. It can be used as a mouthwash made at home after blending with clover oil.

  4. Few drops of oil help in degreasing the utensils or tiles.

  5. Used in a variety of dishes and cuisines for flavoring.

  6. Helps in reducing short term pain and inflammation after an injury.

  7. Highly effective in treating skin conditions like acne.

Pain Points In Manufacturing

Several companies manufacture and supply the essential oils but only a few of them are able to cater to minute details and precautions. A couple of loose points left in the manufacture of sweet orange oil are:

  • Packed in light-coloured bottles. It proves to be harmful as the orange oil is phototoxic and its quality is reduced by interaction with the light.

  • Purity is not guaranteed. Several blends are marketed as pure orange oils.

  • Do not use a reliable source for raw materials.

  • Directions of use are not properly depicted on the package.

The Better Me Provides The Solution

Are you wondering where to buy orange oil which is pure and authentic? Better Me company, over the years, has made its name in the supply of various kinds of essential oils. They are able to do so because they have maintained the high quality of their products regularly. Several advantages of Better Me over others are:

  • Packaging in dark attractive bottles to avoid any interaction with the light.

  • Organic raw citrus fruits used for the manufacture of oil.

  • Raw materials procured from reliable sources possessing high quality.

  • Proper directions of use are provided in the description.

  • Long service years with very few complaints in the feedback.

Important Takeaways

All in all, essential oils have a wide range of benefits and uses. They are reliable as degreasing, destressing, and anti-oxidizing agents. Moreover, they can be used for regular cleaning of the house and mouth wash. Interestingly, they are highly useful in providing relaxation to mind when applied to hairs and massaged. But, be cautious while buying the product. Always try to buy from a reliable supplier like Better Me by analyzing the feedback from the people. Go and grab your own bottle of orange oil and relax your mind.

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