An Explanatory Guide on Ghost Immobilizer

Author : Ivon Michal
Publish Date : 2020-09-19 09:24:47

An Explanatory Guide on Ghost Immobilizer

Are you pursuing a security system that can overcome any well-planned heist? If you have heard of the ghost immobilizer, then you should take immediate notice! Ghost immobilizer is a no indicating security system cleverly designed by a South African company Auto watch. 

It is a modern system directly connected to the vehicles CAN data network and optimizes through specialized car keys. Do you know that many of the thefts go unnoticed because modern techniques let you steal without leaving a trail? You may not want to go through that frustration and routine, so it is better to prevent that from happening beforehand.  

If there is a deliberate attack or a mere car scratch, you will be alerted immediately. Someone would have to physically tow away your vehicle for it to vanish from the place. Even then, they will not be able to control; the car. Apart from the blaring alarm, the internal engine and control lock up. What good would a car be if it does not start? 

If you want to know, more critical features of ghost immobilizers have been discussed in detail. You will be amazed to read how the smart mechanisms of the Ghost immobilizer work. These features are distinguishable and impenetrable!

PIN Code entry

After installing this system, you will notice that the car does not start even when its master. That is because you are no master if you do not have the right PIN code. As soon as you enter the code, it will start. PIN entrance ensures that third parties cannot access the vehicle. You will have full control. In case of the incorrect PIN, you will get immediate notification on your phone.

Now the PIN is no ordinary code. You enter it through the car functioning keys on the dashboard. This way, you will not forget the code. Additionally, there is a quick access inside the vehicle. Wrong attempts result in immobilization by the ECU. Even after many attempts the system does not relent.

Valet Mode of Ghost Immobilizer

Suppose you want to switch off your security system temporarily, then that can be arranged. You call that a valet mode. Valet mode also refers to the time you forget to activate the system. After the registered duration, it is automatically switched on. The buttons lie on the side console, dash, and engine keys.

 There is a flash which will indicate that it has been reactivated. The engine would not ignite until you enter the PIN again. 

No frequency and LED indications

Over the year's hackers have developed the technique of using code grabbing and frequency detecting devices. These devices analyze your car and, within minutes, give information about the security system protecting your vehicle.

Ghost immobilizer is a lot different from that. It does not emit frequency waves that will give away its presence. LED lights on the dashboard give a clear indication of security to ward away potential theft. In this case, there is no light signal but a blaring notification on your phone for instant alert. 

Simple installation method

If you take your vehicle for installation, there is a detailed yet straightforward process of installing it. The company ensures that only you know the PIN code. You can also set a backup code in case you forget or change to a new one. It is a small weather-resistant device that can be installed in a matter of hours. You can ask the installation company to install a service code. 

Service code will start the car without bothering you. It depends on the speed and time of the vehicle. For example, in a small break, the system does not demand a PIN code immediately. You can relax knowing that the Ghost immobilizer will not disturb you again and again.  Looking for a company? Hire Secure My Vehicle for high-quality and proficient services. They will cater to all your vehicle security needs in the best way possible.

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