Are ATVs Safe For Kids?

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Publish Date : 2020-06-24 12:45:30

Are ATVs Safe For Kids?

All terrain vehicles are a wild rage among the youth and kids. They are majorly advertised for their off-roading capabilities and their easy manoeuvrability. The ATVs are often criticized for their safety features. Many people claim that it all depends upon the rider while others claim that the devil lies in the machine itself. The misconception might have birthed from the fact that ATVs were primarily used in off-road rallies and once were the symbol of many gangs in the country. This was before the mini ATVs were introduced in the market. 

Today the ATV market is flooded with many products such as Kids gas ATV, electric ATVs, and mini riders. These are powered by smaller engines. But make no mistake, the engines have been trimmed down but they still pack quite a punch. Hence, the machines must be handled with care. The youth have an impulsive nature and thus need proper training before their first ATV ride. If they are imparted with proper knowledge and training, taught to be in lieu of the road safety rules at all times, and taught to handle the kids gas ATV in a mature way, then there is no harm in using the ATVs for recreational purposes. 

ATV accidents

Most of the ATV accidents are caused by rash decisions and an impulse for risk. The top reasons for ATV accidents are: 

  • Driver’s error

  • Wrong judgment

  • Loss of control of ATV

  • Overloading

How To Avoid ATV Accidents?

An ATV is more susceptible to be involved in an accident when it is not being operated according to the instructions provided in the manual. When buying a kids gas ATV, parents must carefully read the instructions and make sure that their kid is obeying those instructions. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to maintain safety and prevent ATV accidents:

Choose the right ATV

There are three-wheeled and four-wheeled ATVs available in the market. The three-wheeled ATVs are not suitable for the kids as these machines are less balanced than the four-wheeled ones. The four-wheeled ATVs are the best option for your kid as they have an equal weight distribution and the platform is stable enough for your kids to ride them. The three-wheeled ATVs are suitable for teenagers who already own an ATV. They have prior experience and thus there are fewer chances of an accident. 

Avoid overloading

Most ATVs are single-seater only. Such ATVs should not carry any passengers. Also if the ATV mentions that they are for single person use only then overloading them may cause an engine burnout. This will cause serious problems for your ATV and may also result in injuries for the driver as well as the passenger. It is recommended that children should not have a passenger on their ATV as it disrupts the balance of the ATV.

Wear safety equipment at all times

It is the duty of the parents to teach their kids to wear proper safety gear at all times. Even if their gas or electric four-wheelers are at rest and they are mounted on the ATV then they must wear safety equipment. Standard safety equipment includes a helmet, knee guards, and elbow guards. Make sure that the kids wear full sleeve clothes while riding the ATVs.  Also, the helmet and other equipment used by the riders must be approved by the American National Standards Institute. Eye protection and long boots are also recommended while going out for a ride with your ATV.

Get trained

Before hopping on for their first ride, the kids must take proper training to ride the ATVs. the training will make them understand the importance of the safety procedures in a better way. Also, they would get a hands-on experience to operate an ATV under strict guidance. This way they will not be prone to the injuries.  

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