Basic Knowledge About Digital Experience Platforms

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Publish Date : 2020-07-28 12:07:38

Basic Knowledge About Digital Experience Platforms

Businesses in search for a digital experience platform (DXP) can expect an additional cost and effort once they choose a vendor. The selection process is more like a stepping stone and just the beginning.

This might be shocking news for several businesses that are clueless about the entire digital experience platform. Over 80 percent of the digital experience platform program cost is disbursed on integrations. This integration can be with the external as well as internal systems of an entity.

At times, experts have to custom-built a DXP solution with a specific set of features suitable for your business. Almost 90% modern businesses rely on system integrations.

Businesses are often in search of specialists that can help them develop, design, strategize and ensure successful DXP implementation.

To understand whether DXP is working for your business or not, you must first understand what is a Digital Experience Platform?

There are several definitions that describe this platform. But, you can simply put across it as a platform that integrates varied technologies that support the composition, handling, enhancement, and delivery of relevant digital experiences.

A digital experience platform plays a significant role in cross-channel continuity in the overall customer expedition.

As a business entity you must differentiate between the myths and real aspects of DXP.

Discussed here are some myths and facts about DXP-

MYTH: 1- A bucket of technologies and products.

There is a central technology that controls the entire platform. The presence of a central technology provides reliability to the entire system and ensures a smooth customer lifecycle across multiple digital channels.

MYTH: 2- It is Just a website channel

Digital experience platform allows multi channel delivery with the help of APIs. It encourages digital interactions throughout the digital medium inclusive of digital assistants, IoT, kiosks, and AR/VR.


MYTH:3- It cannot stand on its own feet

It is an integrated and uniform platform through which employee experiences can be deployed.


MYTH:4-It’s a management platform

It is a unified platform where firms and IT along with different skills and responsibilities work towards a specific goal. This goal is to improve customer experience.


MYTH:5- The platform doesn’t evolve

Digital experience platform is designed with the vision to bring about changes in business. It can be easily altered as per the evolving business needs, response, and demand.


Digital Experience Platform as an integration giant

A genuine digital experience platform is designed with an intent of being an integration giant. It also has the potential to provide management, enhancement, and deliver niche digital experiences throughout the customer journey.

API-driven approaches, architectural adaptability, content-as-a-service (CaaS), micro services-oriented, etc. are a helping hand and offer smooth integration.

DXP is the focal point for enhanced customer experience and digital experience strategy execution. Despite this, it cannot be assumed to be the only platform to resolve all your business requirements.

This platform is a pivotal tech system that amalgamates content, experiences, data, applications, and micro-experiences into a single layer. It also integrates multiple in-house, legacy, and associated technologies. The crux is to provide a continuous, uniform, and enhanced customer experience. All this can be achieved when you integrate the platform with other systems in your business.

SAP Cloud Platform is one dependable solution that can be implemented as a digital experience platform. SAP solutions are dependable, durable, and adaptable. SAP solutions function on the latest technologies and can be easily blended with the existing systems of your business.

This makes them a wiser choice since they can be easily integrated. Besides, you can easily blend this SAP solution with other customized SAP solutions required for your businesses.

You can reap the benefits of an all-inclusive cloud solution that can help you to manage, streamline, and automate your business activities efficiently.

Experts can suggest you appropriate SAP solutions as per your current and future business goals.

Wrapping Up

Implementation of SAP cloud solution offers you several perks. One of the best that you can pick is that you can manage business activities almost from everywhere.

You have an on-premise portal to update you about business operations. Simultaneously, a mobile solution that provides you all minute details about your customer’s digital experiences. This way, you can overlook customer experiences even while on the move.

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