Benefits Of Using Instagram Network: Beginners Guide 2020

Author : Mariekyle
Publish Date : 2020-09-30 05:42:42

Benefits Of Using Instagram Network: Beginners Guide 2020

This is the second biggest visual sharing platform more than millions of people watched Instagram stories each day. In 2020, social media is the empowerment of digital marketing. So, when you start your small business, Instagram is the place to market your brand easily. The main goal of Instagram marketing strategy is to attract potential customers and audience, increase conversations, build brand awareness, and get more engagement. In the past few years, most of the business people use this amazing platform to get the best results and reach. Read this amazing blog post, definitely you understand the benefits of using Instagram stories.


Share Location

Story with location gets more attention forever, this helps your audience easily find your locations. Add your location with hashtags and location symbols. 


Ask Questions

Conversations are the cornerstone of a successful Twitter presence. The more interactions your story gets, the better results you gain. Instagram offers a new feature namely polls. It is a great way to get your audience feedback and know your follower's needs, interests, and problems. So, ask some simple questions relevant to your industry. This helps to give trust and build your online campaign. 


Add Message Me Quotes

Direct message communication is the best practice and also this is the secret of your business reach. So, add the quote “message me” at the top of your story feed. This helps your audience directly communicate with you. This is the reason social media is a powerful communication tool. 


Share Your Thoughts

Instagram is one of the powerful video-sharing platforms to engage people. What kind of information is shared doesn't matter, but engaging posts get more reach and impressions. That is important. 


Launch Your Products

Update your upcoming launching product images and videos. This is one way to create an impression of your products before launching. Because people see your products and they are waiting when you launch that product and when I purchase that product as well. 


Add Stickers 

Stickers always create an emotional relationship with your audience. Also, they create a relationship with your audience and brand. So, you can do some funny and interactive stickers in Instagram stories. 


Use Swipe Up

This feature in Instagram stories only allows you to when you have 100+ followers. The swipe up feature is perfect for when you promote the latest and trending posts. Even this is useful for all the business people to drive traffic on their website and Instagram stories page also. This helps cover people directly on your landing page. 


Promote Trending Post

If you can post regularly, then this is a great idea to promote your posts with some trendy information. So, take a screenshot of your story feed, and blur your posts and save that image to your Instagram stories. Also, add @username with a call to action. This helps users visit your profile and they see your latest posts.


Post With Quotes

Quotes always create impressions than without. Some inspirational quotes get more attention and reach as well. If you add some quotes relevant to your stories and business, you can get more attraction and reach. If you want to get more popularity, you can get Instagram impressions to create a good impression among your audience. Properly used quotes, they will reach your post all over Instagram and increase your brand reach. Business accounts these days use these tricks to get an impression and distribute their success by sharing a variety of content. 


Share Successive Stories

Make sure to share some of the social proof in your Instagram account. One of the best ways to show your successive stories is to take screenshots of the actual feedback and comments and share that post in your stories feed. This is one way to give trust in you and your business.


Create Unique Background

One of the powerful ways to crease impression and attention is to add your unique background for all the posts. This helps when people enter the Instagram page, your stories display their page at the top. So, they will easily identify your story through the background. 


Add Hashtags

Hashtags are responsible for your social media reach. Hashtags help to reach your targeted audience and users find your account easily. Every brand develops its hashtags. Using hashtags can get more attention and reach on your Instagram page. So, search and find some trending hashtags relevant to your industry or stories. But make sure to choose based on the audience search results. 



Instagram is one social media platform that creates more attention each day. So, if you want to get more reach and impressions on your industry you can follow the above methods to make your account more powerful. Also, get better results and reach your goal in a particular period. 

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