Best IT Support Job Description Template

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Best IT Support Job Description Template

This complimentary IT service job description sample template can help you draw an advanced and professional product manager to your organization. We create the hiring procedure one step easier by providing you a template to just post to our website. Be certain that you add prerequisites, benefits, and perks particular to the function and your organization.


We're looking for a service-oriented and self-motivated specialist to join our IT support staff. Within this function, you may focus on monitoring and maintaining the computer networks and systems for our small business. You'll be tasked with resolving complex technical problems and may also collaborate with staff members across all departments to help them with their specialized needs.


IT Support Obligations and Obligations

Install and configure applications and computer programs.

Troubleshoot and solve issues using hardware or software.

Walk colleagues or customers through measures to help them solve their technical issues.

Maintain reports and procedures which provide technical assistance to the whole organization.

Examine logs and records to identify underlying trends and possible difficulties.

Establish accounts for new customers and help with login or password issues.

Evaluation, evaluate, and make decisions concerning new technologies for the business enterprise.

Take part in business-wide meetings to give insight into technical demands.

Duties are preferred, but not mandatory.

Working understanding and experience with many different applications, hardware, and software.

Willingness to solve complex issues and see projects through to conclusion.

Analytical abilities to examine records and problems and identify answers.

Team-oriented approach to assist other departments and colleagues with specialized issues.

Ability to handle time and efficiently prioritize several projects at the same time.

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IT Technical Support project profile


IT Technical Support is a IT professional that monitors and keeps the computer networks and systems of an organisation. IT Technical Support supply technical aid and support to workers.


To be able to draw IT Technical Support which best matches your requirements, it's essential to compose a very clear and exact IT Technical Support project description.


IT Technical Support project description


Can you exude an experience and enthusiasm for supplying IT Technical Support?


We're trying to employ an ambitious IT specialist for our receptive IT Technical Support place.


Your work is to provide technical assistance to keep the company's computer systems, both hardware and software and other peripheral equipment to guarantee optimum performance so that end users may maintain a high degree of productivity.


IT Technical Support responsibilities and responsibilities


Provide technical support with computer software and applications

Resolve problems for staff through telephone, in person, or electronically

Log bugs and enhancement requests

Perform hardware and software upgrades, updates and configurations as necessary

Make and keep hints and tricks options for Internet database and internet site

Supply introductory online & classroom training for business products

Resolve technical problems in a timely fashion using available resources inside the Business

IT Technical Support demands

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What needs to be contained within an IT Support project description?

If You're hiring an IT Service practitioner, the project description may comprise:


Installing and configuring computer hardware, applications, programs, networks, printers, and scanners

Tracking and maintaining computer networks and systems

Responding in a timely way to support difficulties and asks

Supplying technical assistance throughout the business (that might be in person or on the telephone )

Establishing accounts for new customers

fixing and replacement equipment as needed

Testing new technologies

Maybe coaching junior staff

What abilities and qualifications needs to an IT Support possess?

Though a formal level May Not always be necessary within an IT Support function, tertiary qualifications may comprise the following:


Additionally, there Are several attributes that IT Support applicants should be expected to exhibit:


We're looking for technically skilled candidates with exceptional interpersonal skills for the technical assistance standing. Technical support officers troubleshoot technical problems, provide timely client responses, and encourage the roll-out of fresh programs, among other obligations.


Additionally, technical assistance officers will need to speak to customers directly, in addition to produce written documentation, requiring exceptional verbal and written communication.


Troubleshooting technical difficulties.

Diagnosing and fixing faults.

Resolving system problems.

Installing and configuring software and hardware.

Talking to clients to rapidly reach the root of the problem.

Discussing clients through a set of activities to solve an issue.

Following up with customers to make sure the issue is solved.

Fixing or repairing the crucial pieces.

Simplifies the roll-out of fresh software.

Providing support in the kind of procedural instruction.

Managing numerous instances at the same time.

Testing and assessing new technologies.

Prior knowledge in technology service, desktop service, or an identical function.

Proficiency at Windows/Linux/Mac OS.

Expertise with remote desktop software and help desk program.

Attention to detail and great problem-solving abilities.

Excellent interpersonal abilities.

Good verbal and written communication.


IT service analysts (also called helpdesk analysts or specialized support analysts) offer technical assistance and information to IT users.

Average employers | Qualifications and coaching | Key Abilities


Technical service (or IT service ) professionals help solve customers' technical issues through email, telephone, social networking and in person.


Professionals within this region either operate in house (providing support within a specific organisation) or supply services and support to other companies, to clients of a specific solution, or in an ad hoc basis. By way of instance, there's a developing marketplace for on-demand solutions for office and home technician repair, setup and troubleshooting. Businesses providing this support dispatch their service analysts when summoned to correct anything from a busted iPhone display to a catchy setup or a notebook riddled with malware.


Normal duties include:


Processing and logging service calls

installing and configuring computer hardware, applications, networks, systems, scanners and printers

preparation and project scheduled maintenance updates

establishing accounts for employees, ensuring They Understand How to log into

solving password issues

speaking to customers and monitor users to Ascertain the character of any issues they experience

reacting to breakdowns

investigating, diagnosing and solving computer applications and hardware flaws

repairing gear and replacing components

supervising junior engineering and specialized personnel

receiving replacement or expert parts, fittings or fixtures

assessing computer equipment for electric safety

keeping records of applications licences

handling stocks of equipment, consumables and other equipment

Average employers of IT support analysts

Banks and financial service Businesses

Manufacturing companies and support regions

Colleges, schools and universities

Public sector organisations, like the NHS and local governments

Electronics merchants

Software retailers

Virtually All SMEs and larger businesses recruit IT support staff to assist workers

View our grad IT and tech vacancies.

Both college graduates and college leavers can input the IT service or helpdesk livelihood. Whether you've got a degree or not, you'll have to show an interest in fixing technical difficulties, either through previous work experience or activities you've completed on your own time.

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While open to students of any discipline, technical aid companies typically prefer graduates with an IT-related eligibility.


It's frequently possible to get into this profession without a diploma. Apprenticeships are offered in IT support, occasionally requiring GCSEs only. To discover more about getting into IT and technologies by means of a college leaver route, take a look at the IT and engineering part of TARGETcareers, our site targeted at school leavers.


Most IT support analysts progress their careers by broadening their abilities within a particular business or area. Huge companies with a thorough technical infrastructure might have different teams handling various regions of their company. With expertise, a move to your professional area dealing with much more complex technical environments is possible. Another choice is to choose the role of staff or department leader.

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