Best Sub Editor Job Description Template

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Best Sub Editor Job Description Template

Writing, composing, editing and proofreading text

making certain house design is adhered to (home design signifies that the specific fashion conventions of a certain novel, eg the book's tone and punctuation/grammar conventions)

composing headlines, image captions and narrative summaries

editing reports and media releases

liaising with journalists, journalists and colleagues

verifying info and narrative details

collecting and preparing regular info, such as sports outcomes

designing page layouts

ensuring stories will be the ideal length and properly put on webpages

sizing photos and putting them inside attributes

making certain stories are precise and don't undermine legality.

Average employers of media sub-editors

Important newspapers

Enormous business publishing houses

Periodicals publishers

Smaller independent and specialist publishers

an important amount of sub-editors are freelance. Contrary to journalists, subs find it a lot easier to transfer between one-off and routine books.

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Some companies run graduate trainee schemes -- ancient programs for such schemes are crucial.


Many occupations get small advertisements, so insecure and networking applications are advisable.


Qualifications and instruction necessary

You will find paths into this profession for both college graduates and college leavers.


Other layout, proofreading or subbing qualifications may be advantageous.

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Professional knowledge or a technical or scientific background may be needed for a few books. It's crucial to acquire prior relevant experience through trainings or voluntary and freelance work with publications, student newspapers or neighborhood papers.


To learn ways to enter a profession in this region by means of a college leaver course, check out the press section of TARGETcareers, our site targeted at school leavers.


Press sub-editors, or subs, assess the composed text of papers, magazines or sites before they are published. They are in charge of ensuring the appropriate grammar, spelling, home design and tone of printed work.


Subs be certain the backup is correct and matches its target industry.


Such as other journalism jobs, sub-editing is demanding and requires continuous attention to detail at a fast-paced working atmosphere.




For a fantastic sub, you need to be an all-rounder - you have to understand media law, possess a keen eye for detail and have the ability to place a story together with pace and style.


Based on the nature of your character, and also the Degree to Which production and design work falls within your remit, your activities will normally include:


Editing backup, written by coworkers or characteristics authors, to eliminate grammatical mistakes and grammatical mistakes

rewriting material so it pops or reads and adheres to the house design of a specific novel

ensuring a narrative fits a specific word count by clipping or expanding substance as required

writing headlines that capture the nature of the narrative or are smart or funny

composing standfirsts or'sells' (short openings, which sum up the story beneath the headline)

liaising with colleagues, editors and journalists

assessing stories and facts to guarantee they're true, adhere to copyright legislation, aren't libellous or move contrary to the book's policy

cropping photographs and determining the best way to use them for best effect and composing image captions

proofreading total pages made by additional sub-editors employing the key standard proofing symbols

functioning to a webpage strategy to make certain the ideal stories show up in the right place on every page

setting out pages also, based on the character of the function, playing a role in page layout

manipulating onscreen copy utilizing proper desktop publishing applications, such as Quark Express, InDesign and Photoshop

maintaining current with industry difficulties, e.g. by studying related books

adapting these abilities for a book's website.

Journalists don't go into the profession for cash. Big regional or national newspapers have a tendency to cover over smaller local newspapers or magazines.

Salaries for seasoned or senior sub-editors vary from #25,000 to 40,000+, again based on the book you work for.

A manufacturing editor or main sub-editor to get a national paper can make #60,000.

Income amounts are meant as a guide only.

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Working hours


Working for national dailies may entail unsocial hours and a few late or early changes, with hours varying based on workload.


Things to expect


On smaller books there's a fair level of flexibility and wide range of work, since there are fewer people to pay for the entire selection of duties. Narrower, more specialised jobs such as attributes sub-editor or information sub-editor are probably at a larger magazine or paper. But lots of sub-editors discover that perform tasks are rather fluid, and there are chances to become involved with composing, design and creation. Regardless of this, job satisfaction is usually high since the outcomes of your job are easily observable. This provides greater flexibility, wider experience and the opportunity to make a higher salary.

Sub-editing can provide a path into different fields of publishing and journalism, even though it's more frequently something folks move into later gaining experience as a reporter.

A diploma isn't a formal condition, but it can be tough to get in the profession without a related degree, postgraduate program or a vocational qualification.


Graduates from a Selection of backgrounds may gain entrance on to training classes, but Appropriate degree issues include:


Your level subject might be applicable to the kind of book you work on, like a science or technology journal or a economic or fiscal events name.


Entry with an HND only is potential, but the truth is that the aggressive nature of the sector means graduates and postgraduates are in a much stronger position than people who have an HND or alternative equivalent qualification.

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Pupils will often require at least two A-levels and many have levels, but the class also brings gap-year pupils or mature applicants with no formal qualifications.


There are numerous accredited paper courses offering an extra certification in sub-editing.


Brighton Journalist Works also conducts more general journalism classes, which have a part of sub-editing training inside them.


Search postgraduate classes in journalism.


For most sub-editing tasks, and definitely to be contemplated by some of the appropriate recruiting bureaus, competency with QuarkXPress or InDesign is vital.


Like roles in journalism, competition remains ferocious. Selection procedures for classes and for tasks as sub-editors often demand copy-subbing exercises, so it is beneficial to practise this ability by summarising reports, cutting long articles or just hoping to rewrite something in a more efficacious manner.


Work adventure


Pre-entry expertise is vital. Try local newspapers or join the staff in the student paper or website. The boom in online books offers another method to get your work printed and produce a portfolio.


That is a place of work where adulthood is often valued.




Some smaller separate books, for example special interest magazines or papers, may additionally use sub-editors, though entrance to those may be much more aggressive.


The paper sector is seeing a decline in its own published material and there is doubt about the long term potential of the sub-editor function. Reporters are being invited to print directly to sites and subbing actions now are often outsourced to manufacturing hubs, or consumed - to a extent - in additional journalist roles.


But net publishing and its related advertising revenue is helping offset this to some extent.


Many regional papers continue to recruit locally, even if they have been shot by a bigger team, so it might be well worth writing straight to reviewers speculatively.


Professional growth


Sub-editors have regularly finished a course accredited by the NCTJ till they enter journalism, or else they may study to an approved class while they're working.


It's possible to obtain entrance for this function without previous coaching, although previous experience in a related setting is crucial. A number of the large paper groups run in house coaching programs.


The NCTJ lists a range of approved classes, all which cover the fundamentals of journalism, for example, law as well as the technical skills of journalism for example sub-editing.


Proficiency at sub-editing is obtained at work.


Newspaper groups can send their sub-editors on a range of in-company or outside training classes.


The most junior place for a sub-editor is to be a backup sub, which can be only dealing with the composed text. The next step up will be given greater responsibility for webpage layout and design.


The sub-editing function offers a superb chance to obtain an insight into all elements of journalism, together with vulnerability to writing, layout and production abilities.


Sub-editors with expertise frequently get the chance to compose attributes, particularly if they've been focusing on a particular section, for example sport, the arts, business or fund. Sub-editors may also move to a fulltime design and production function.

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In certain cases the function of this sub-editor is shifting. A couple of papers have opted to remove this coating of the editorial procedure as a cost-cutting practice and rather reporters are expected to write their copy right onto the page, sub themselves and write their own headlines.


There are also adjustments with where sub-editing is completed, using a larger amount of flexibility being supplied in several scenarios. From time to time, it's outsourced to freelancers living miles from the remaining part of the novel, even overseas, or it might be completed by working staff working from various places, outside the primary office.


Here, the sub-editor's simplicity with specialized issues and decent writing skills certainly are a helpful mix.


Magazines and tiny papers have significantly less clear-cut defi

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