Best Website Marketing Strategy For 2020 You Can’t Ignore

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Publish Date : 2020-11-10 10:23:42

Best Website Marketing Strategy For 2020 You Can’t Ignore

We are close to the year-end of 2020 and nothing looks like a big change when it comes to website marketing strategies. What worked in 2019 is pretty much being followed today and may remain popular in the coming years. Having said this, we must not forget the Pandemic that changed the way we used to see online marketing, which now needs the weightage it deserves.

In this article, we are going to touch on popular website marketing strategies brands are following to beat the competition. First things first, let’s understand the basics for those who have just launched a website for Small business.

Knowing the fact that thousands of websites are built daily, not every website gets the attraction organically. So, a planned strategy in place works.

By the terms of Website Marketing, we mean promoting a website for more visitors. The traffic that comes to the website is the people who are likely to purchase your product/service. So, the more the traffic, the better the revenue. Website Marketing also means being visible on the top rankings of search engines. Now how does that happen?

Here’s the way!

1) Keep adding valuable content to the website. This can be done by updating new blog articles or keeping your customer informed about new happenings in the company about the product/service.

2) Execute the tricks to get Google to find when a potential buyer searches for the service you offer.

3) Stay active on Social media channels.

4) Follow the competitors but don’t plagiarize

5) Keep the website bug free

While there is more to add to the list, a website development company in India can help you achieve the results better. For now, let’s get on to the 10 best website marketing strategies!

1. Focus on Content

Content will never lose its importance. The past years were also not any different when we talk about giving value to quality content. 77% of B2B marketing experts use the content as the base in their website marketing plan. While all the pages of the website may carry quality content, you must not ignore the blog section that can be utilized to add informational content.

Don’t forget the old content. Ensure you keep updating it with fresh content to let Google know that even your old content holds value.

2. Understand Your Audience

How about telling your audience you understand their pain point and you can help? Personalized messages help make connections with your potential buyer. Further, personalizing just does not mean sending emails with their first name. Find out what they are worried about, and what they are looking for. Your audience must feel special. So how does one understand his audience? One simple way to find and understand your website visitor is to add Google Analytics to your website. The SEO Company India managing your website marketing can help you fix it one on your website. You can then track your visitor behavior on the website.

3. Expand Your Reach with Guest Blogging

Allowing people to contribute content on your blog is another way to increase your brand reach. Another way to expand your reach? By this strategy, both get benefited — The one contributing and the brand who owns the blog.

4. Do more of Videos

Video has and always will remain a popular tactic for website marketing. For a simple reason, that video attracts more eyeballs than just a static image. Further, using videos you can connect with your customers better. You can create tutorials, video testimonials, bloopers, behind the scene recordings, etc.

5. Give importance to local SEO

Take full advantage of the free tool by Google. Local Business Listing was one of the most effective techniques before 2020 and it promises to remain so in the coming years too. A spa in Midtown Manhattan noted a 398% increase in their visibility on Google searches, and approximately 84% increase in inquiry calls. Google Business Listing also helps your customers to reach you physically using Google Maps. So you know when someone does so much effort to find and reach you, he is a sure-shot customer.

Furthermore, website owners have been curious about Chatbots. So does it work for everyone? Why not? Chatbots are AI-based technology that helps you stay available for your website visitors. When your visitor finds there is an easy way to connect with you, it reduces the gap between you and your potential buyer. 63% of website visitors prefer using the chat window to communicate with brands.

Our Take

While customer’s buying behavior is changing seeing the current situation, it is recommended that you take the leverage and get your website marketing strategy in place. Partnering with a Website Development Company can help you in the long run. You need to accept the fact that customers are searching for you online and you need to get these people to your website.


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