Conquer The Food Delivery Industry With The Premium Foodpanda Clone

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Publish Date : 2020-12-02 06:37:45

Conquer The Food Delivery Industry With The Premium Foodpanda Clone

Food is integrated with everyone’s lives for so long that whether it is just a normal day or a special occasion, it is food that indicates it. Every celebration be it a birthday, anniversaries, events, or meetings everything begins and ends with it. So you see the importance of food. And it has not stopped yet. It has become a culture in today’s world with the food industry and food delivery apps.

Food is no longer treated as a way to end starvation but as something way beyond. With the advent of many TV shows and channels, everyone has got an interest to get their hands on different types of food. That's what made the online food delivery industry bloom in the digital era. 

Let’s be honest. If one wants to have a Mexican meal, going there and having the meal would be impossible so they want to try that out now by ordering everything online and getting at their doorstep. 

Dominant advantages for the parties:

Placing orders online for whatever food they want from the comfort of their homes, is the most advantageous functionality in the app. Let’s look at how this has given advantages to all the four parties involved. 


The user gains an advantage as they find the app to be extremely convenient where they could order whatever they want to eat whenever needed. It ensures comfort like never before. The customers can have their desired food delivered to their doorstep from the world cuisine.


Restaurant owners can make a better fit for money than normal. Restaurants will have their customers normally dine in and have their food or they give food through food delivery. Sometimes failing to attend a call can lead to loss of money because of the limitations of delivery. 

But with these apps, they could deliver the food that is ordered via the app without missing out. They will have an instant boost in their businesses by bringing the orders that weren’t coming there earlier. 

Delivery executive:

During the olden days, an entire team has to be appointed where the drivers would remain unemployed. But now with these apps, delivery drivers can start making money for every order delivered, every time customer uses the Foodpanda Clone app. 

App owner:

This is the most interesting party as these are the service providers. The food is delivered to the doorstep is guaranteed by this party so that people could enjoy it. 

The app makes a lot of money for every service done through this app. Anyone who uses the app, the service provider or app owner would receive the commission. 

Simple workflow:

With four parties being involved, let’s see how the app works:

Order placing: Customers can browse through the list of favourite restaurants/dishes from the mobile app or website from the comfort of their homes.

Restaurant receives order: The restaurant management directs the order for processing to the concerned restaurant in a matter of seconds. 

Confirmation: The customer receives an acknowledgment about the order confirmation and the estimated time of delivery. 

Order preparation: The restaurant prepares the order and gets it ready the perfection for the consumption of the customer.

Order assigned: The prepared order is then assigned to the delivery executive. The executive then accepts/rejects the order. If accepted, the status would be confirmed both to the restaurant and the customer.

Order delivered: Once the order is delivered to the specified customer, the e-signature would be asked from the customer and the restaurant will receive an acknowledgment of the order. 

An important tip for development:

  1. If you have read up on this, we assume that you are keen on developing the app. 
  2. But before development, you should understand the elements involved in the app. You should conduct on-ground research about the app in the market today and look at the strategies of your competitors. 
  3. You should plan on starting with what the local demands are of the industry. Each region will have different requirements. Plan accordingly.

Building an app like Foodpanda:

  • The Foodpanda app development can be teeth pulling task if the development is from scratch/ground. That would require a team of members such as Android developer, iOS developer, UI/UX Designers, project managers, etc. 
  • Then you have to allot a different development centre as the development process cannot be done just in a shell. On the whole, it takes a lot of time, effort, and expense. 
  • Whereas, you could have it another way for developing it by incorporating the features in the Foodpanda clone script. The consumption of time, energy, and money would be relatively less than the previous method. 
  • The process would consist of: requirement analysis, prototype approval, and development and launch. 


By developing an app pertaining to good features and people’s requirements, we are sure that you would succeed!!

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