Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 | Catch Trends Before Its Too Late

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Publish Date : 2020-10-20 15:50:38

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 | Catch Trends Before Its Too Late

The new era constantly requires new marketing techniques to meet the latest demands. Digital marketing is a very calculated approach to customer targeting because the customer's interest can be easily found with previous navigation data. Nevertheless, there is constant competition for the first place among the different digital marketing techniques. Most of the techniques are platform-based because when the masses visit a social media platform, they can be targeted using only the methods allowed by the platform. Trends are constantly changing and technological development is to be thanked for this. The following trends in digital marketing have become quite popular lately. 

Facebook is losing market share

It may come as a surprise, but Facebook is losing market share. The famous Forbes reports that an average of 41% of Facebook users is over 65 years old and that the site is losing popularity among young people. Young people are more attracted to interactive platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and many others. It has been in rapid decline following the 2018 data scandal. Marketers must therefore design a marketing campaign that is adapted to market conditions.

Instagram is becoming increasingly appealing to children.

In 2020, Instagram reached its billion meteors, which is indeed a great success. It has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Best of all, most users are on average under 30 years old. This gives them a huge competitive advantage over other platforms. For companies planning to launch a marketing campaign, it is, therefore, best to use this information to their advantage and come up with a better plan. 

Increased demand for good content´╗┐

People are always attracted to good content. Among all other digital marketing strategies, content marketing has made a unique place for itself. It is probably one of the most effective digital trends. Google continues to expand and deepen the quality of content, just as the demand for good quality content continues to grow to compete with the latest developments in Google's SEO algorithm. 

Only SEO agencies will thrive; those that have updated themselves from time to time with updates.

Video content formation trends 

Video content marketing is not any longer optional and you've got to think about it as a requirement because people do not have time to read much most of the time. they're quite willing to observe something if it's really worthwhile. Many brands have adopted video marketing to focus on the tireless smartphone user. consistent with statistics, about 70% of brands share their videos, which is not any small feat.

Chatbots are catching on

Chatbots are virtual assistance systems supported by AI and that they are getting increasingly popular. consistent with a survey, about 80% of companies are looking to launch an identical service this year. Their means of interaction are quite simple, but at an equivalent time very powerful. you'll often notice that a panel suddenly appears at rock bottom of the page where you'll ask various questions and obtain an instantaneous answer.

Email marketing gets more personal

Believe it or not, email marketing remains one of the foremost effective sorts of marketing ever invented. you'll call it the resident email method and it isn't departure anytime soon. However, it's been revolutionized by offering personalized products or services targeted at specific users. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore called Webenza has adopted this personalized email technique and has built an outsized number of prospects and customers through Email marketing alone. It starts by sending out cold emails then follows up and converts these prospects into customers. Email marketing is certainly a price effective way for local businesses to draw in customers. Any web search triggers a series of steps to send emails with personalized content to specific users.

Interactive content is popular

Interactive content pushes people more and more towards themselves. Interactive content is often anything that involves touching, dragging, or other online interactions. consistent with a survey, about 93% of marketers say that interactive content works alright with informed buyers. this will be games, quizzes, 360-degree views, etc. This particular approach has tremendous potential to teach people about COVID-19.

Voice interaction is becoming increasingly popular

Verbal interactive devices are getting more and more popular. the most important example is Google's Alexa. people feel comfortable ordering food or posing for something instead of doing it themselves. for instance, for any electronic order, just ask Alexa to try to do it. you'll also see samples of this embedded in search engines. Even children can cash in on this, as they can not write.

The examples above are just a couple of of the many. it's thanks to the advancement of technology that marketing is not any longer tied to paper. The age of smartphones has made it possible to succeed in everyone through proper digital marketing solutions. Nonetheless, the way you market remains vital. you would like to adopt the present trends to draw in the masses to your products and services. 


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