Guide On GST Portal Login(

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Guide On GST Portal Login(

Without a personal visit to the tax offices, the government GST website or GST portal helps taxpayers to perform various GST-related processes online. Knowing all the information about the GST portal would make it easier for taxpayers without technical assistance to file their GST returns in a hassle-free way. Without visiting the tax offices, taxpayers may also conduct all correspondence concerning GST through this site. Not only can taxpayers search for updates on the approval / cancellation of applications and their status of tax submission, but they can also collect information on and are required to respond to government notifications. GST is a small, automated facility which empowers taxpayers without professional assistance to file taxes on their own. The GST portal, an initiative of the Government of India, has also been launched for the purpose of carrying out goods and services tax (GST) operations by individuals and business owners. The law became effective in 2017 and also imposes a tax on major goods / commodities and services in the nation and overseas at present. In this post, you will get a comprehensive guide Guide On GST Portal Login and you will be able to work on it effectively.


About GST Portal Login


The GST Official Government Portal offers critical services to hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, including individuals, small , medium and large company owners and independent providers of services. A website is a one-stop location for tax payment, traversing the filing of GST returns, producing electronic bills, a refund programme, filing returns, registration of GST, demanding cancellation of GST registration, and much more. Although this involves a web browser and an Internet connexion via Wi-Fi, mobile data, or a hotspot connexion, it can easily be accessed from a computer and/or a portable electronic device such as smartphones and tablets.


Services You Get At The GST Portal


If you visit the official GST website, which is an official website recognised by the Government of India, you will be welcomed to a website which offers many important services.


  • Accessing various Transition Forms (TRAN-1, TRAN-2, TRAN-3)

  • Application for registration for normal taxpayer, casual dealer, ISD

  • Facility of filing GST Returns

  • Online GST payment

  • Claiming return for the excess GST paid (RFD-01)

  • Application for GST practitioner

  • Availing Composition Scheme (GST CMP-02)

  • Opting out of Composition Scheme (GST CMP-04)

  • Intimation of stock for Composition Dealers (GST CMP-03)

  • Filing Table 6A of GSTR-1 for Export Refund

  • Furnishing Letter of Undertaking (LUT) (RFD-11)

  • Viewing E-Ledgers

Search Taxpayer

* Search by GSTIN/UIN

* Search by PAN

* Search Composition Taxpayer


* System Requirements

* User Manuals, Videos, and FAQs

* GST Media

* Site Map

* Grievance Redressal Portal

e-Way Bill System

New Return (Trial)

* New Return Prototype

* Offline Tools for New Return (Trial)

Steps To register for GST


  • Visit to register for GST online and click on 'New Registration' listed under the 'Services' tab.


  • Enter information such as type of personal profile, company name, state, email ID, mobile number, and click 'Proceed'.


  • To create your Temporary Reference Number (TRN), use the OTPs that you get on your mobile and email ID.


  • Once again, press 'New Registration' and use your TRN this time.


  • Via the 'Verification' tab, edit your application, upload documents, enter information and apply your application.


  • To check the status of your application in the future, use the GST Application Reference Number that you receive.



Login to the Government of India GST portal

After the mandatory installation of the pre-required service components has been completed, you should be able to register and log into the GST portal online and access the services offered by the website. The Dashboard will be shown on your computer when you log in to the GST portal, which is your user account page that allows you to access services and control your user profile. You can easily file your tax returns from the Dashboard, generate bills, make a Challan tax payment, and so on.


Note: In order to access the services online, it is important that taxpayers must register with the GST portal. You will need this when you register and generate a user ID and password (your login credentials) every time you log in to the website. The topic of "How to register on the GST portal" [insert link here] has already been addressed.



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