How a Serverless eCommerce Portal is Beneficial For any Business?

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Publish Date : 2020-05-27 14:54:36

How a Serverless eCommerce Portal is Beneficial For any Business?

The eCommerce industry is incredibly unique. A decade ago, nobody would have paid much heed to a website that would send you a commodity in the next couple of days, as the norm was to simply head to the supermarket and get what you want. But with the advancements in the techno-business scene, it has emerged as one of the forerunners pushing the boundaries of a modern business setup.

A recent shift

Traditionally, eCommerce players use a traditional server setup for eCommerce web application development, when they host their websites. Now while this might seem like a good idea to begin with, it has a long list of drawbacks. It is-

  • Costly

  • Inflexible

  • Requires constant management

  • Not scalable

All these problems and more can sometimes hamper the growth of your company, as customers are increasingly impatient. If there is a lag or an unexpected error, they are prone to migrating away.

Serverless eCommerce portal development services have come up as a solution to this problem. Serverless computing introduces flexibility in the system and is extremely cost-efficient. It can handle the high fluctuations that eCommerce businesses face inactivity. It truly is the future for all eCommerce services in the coming times. We at Saffron Tech have kept up with the changing times and are one of the few eCommerce portal development services to be able to understand and leverage serverless computing to the fullest.

How is it beneficial?

Serverless eCommerce web application development has advantages, like-

  1. Less maintenance and management- Because the servers in such a setup would only be maintained and managed by vendors who are providing the service, your developers’ team can take a breath of relief. Not maintaining servers takes a huge burden off their heads, freeing them up to focus on other tasks. With some more time on their hand they can carry out their work more efficiently and prioritize other developmental tasks. The resources saved would also enable developers to focus on the portal customizations and expansion, without any server constraints.

  2. Cost-saving- A serverless eCommerce portal would only use as much server space as is required. Unlike traditional server setups, there is no buying and maintaining of a set number of servers. This is a kind of dynamic system where you only have to pay for what you actually use. This eliminates a lot of monetary waste from the process because you no longer would have to predict how much server provisioning you would need in the future. The same code can be scaled up as and when required. We understand that margins in sales are critically important for your business profits, which is why this setup is perfect as it would give you more and cost you less. The money saved can then be invested elsewhere, for example, marketing.

  3. Room for expansion- There is an inherent scope for scalability and expansion in serverless eCommerce portals. Because the server allotment is dynamic, it automatically adjusts according to the traffic that your website would have. The efficiency between changing server space from handling unusually low, to unusually high traffic would be the same and constant. On the other hand, a traditional server setup would not be able to handle a large number of requests and would run into trouble. This is not something that only small firms have to think about, but eCommerce portals of even some big players can slow down when facing heavy demand from concurrent users. For example, you would not want your website to crash on Christmas Eve, or Black Friday, and lose the precious revenue.

  4. Fast updates- In these times, complacency is the end of business and constant upgradation is the norm. This is why most modern eCommerce portal development services opt for a serverless setup, because it is multiple times easier to push updates and provide fixes. A problem that might take days to be fixed in a traditional server setup can be fixed in hours in a serverless computing system. We provide quick updates and reliable patch fixes to our clients for their serverless web portals, which ensures that their customers face no problems and they do not face sales slumps.

Is it right for you?

If the goal for you is to have a light and flexible eCommerce website with uneven traffic (some peak periods followed by breaks of inactivity), then the serverless eCommerce portal is the perfect choice for you. This computing setup would also reduce the latency times significantly, because of the server locations being closer to the user (and there being no origin server). Even if you opt for a traditional server setup but want some features running on low latency, you would have to dip your toes in the serverless architecture. This would respond when needed, handle unusual amounts of traffic, and would not cost a penny when not in use.

Dedicated server use is a time-consuming and labor intensive exercise. You have to make predictions about the use of your portal and invest time in server management. And not all businesses can do so. It seems wiser, to begin with a serverless eCommerce portal and make observations on the growth of the company. This way you save money, and create a positive image for your brand.

How do we help?

We at Saffron Tech have taken numerous eCommerce web application development projects and delivered. We have designed seamless serverless architectures and eCommerce websites and application portals for our clients, which have immensely boosted their sales. Because of the competition in the market, we customize our approach to suit each individual project and make sure that your requirements are at the top of our priority list. We constantly keep ourselves on top of all advancements and developments in technology and provide solutions that make a difference. Moreover, our experienced team of developers with decades of cumulative experience offers round the clock support to make sure that bugs are resolved before they become a problem.

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