How Beneficial Are Minerals In Everyday Life?

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How Beneficial Are Minerals In Everyday Life?

Minerals are used widely by humans in their daily lives - From eating food to industries, they are present everywhere around us. Almost everything we use is a mineral resource. They are used in industries, food processing, and in the medical field. 

Uses of minerals

Here are a few common ways in which minerals are used-

  1. Minerals are an important part of nutrition. They provide the important nutrients that the body needs. Iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. are essential for the overall development of the body. Nutrient-rich food that is full of vitamins and minerals, helps the body fight against harmful viruses and strengthen cells in the body.

  2. Minerals are also used in medicinal products. They have therapeutic and healing properties. They have the property of curing many diseases.

  3. Various minerals are used in industries too. They are used in the construction and transportation industries. Thus, they have industrial applications.

  4. Minerals are used in the food industry. They are either found naturally in food or added as supplements.

Commercial uses of different types of minerals 

The following are the uses of different types of minerals-

  1. Aluminum- Aluminum is the most abundant mineral found in Earth’s crust. It has its application in various industries such as the automobile industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry, packaging, etc. 

  2. Copper- Copper is used in machine and electronic products such as in wires, cables, switches, etc. It has its uses in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry too. It has antimicrobial properties so it is being used in the medical field. Various alloys such as bronze, brass, beryllium, etc are made using copper. It is also used in making jewelry and coins.

  3. Silica- Silicon oxide is an oxide of silver that is used largely in construction industries to make concrete. Silicon oxide is used in the production of glass. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. In food production, silicon oxide is used as a common additive. Silicon oxide is also known as silica. However, it can also be harmful to the body as inhaling it in crystalline forms can lead to inflammation of lungs, bronchitis, lung cancer, etc.

  4. Gold- This is a lustrous material that is used widely in jewelry making. Hence, it is an economical mineral. Being a good conductor of electricity it is used in electronic industries. Even the dentistry field uses it. It is also used in making coins.

  5. Gypsum- Gypsum is processed first and then used in building plaster. It is used in agriculture, cement manufacturing, etc.

  6. Iron ore- It is widely used in almost every industry. Majorly it is used in the production of different types of steel. Iron 59 is used in biochemical and metallurgical research. Similarly, iron blue is used in making paints, plastics, printing, inks, paper dying, cosmetics, etc. Another form i.e. black iron is used in the medical field and polishing.

  7. Lead- This mineral is used in batteries, solder, seals, etc. It is used in the electronic industry for the making of TV tubes and glass. It is also used for communication or telecommunication industry and connections and mobile phone batteries. 

  8. Potash- Potash is chiefly used as fertilizer in the agriculture field. Thus, it is used in the chemical industry. 

  9. Silver- Silver is used especially for making jewelry of various types. Along with this, coins, utensils, and medals are also made of silver. It is used in various electronic devices and has multiple industrial applications. It is even used in photography. 

  10. Sulfur- Sulfuric acid comes from sulfur. Moreover, it is used in mining, refining of petroleum, and the making of fertilizers.


As far as uses of minerals are concerned they are used almost everywhere be it in the agriculture industry, transportation industry, power industry, etc.  Overall, it can be said that the entire world living and non-living is composed of minerals. The more we know about it, the more potential we see of them.

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