How Personalised Popcorn Boxes Are Beneficial For Business

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How Personalised Popcorn Boxes Are Beneficial For Business

Popcorn is a flavoursome and mouth-watering food for everybody. They have always been a part of your gatherings. Moreover, cinemas and theatres earn huge amount of money by selling popcorns. People buy it frequently right before the movie and after the interval to make their movie time a fun time. With the ever-increasing love of popcorns for people for popcorns, the manufacturers have now launched different flavours like Plain, caramel, honey and many more.

Furthermore, to carry popcorns and to present it beautifully, personalised popcorn boxes are the best. If you are a cinema owner, you can manufacture the boxes in a way that reflect the brand name and help in the advertisement in this way. Similarly, you can print the show timing of name if you want to promote a certain play or movie. When it comes to home, people prefer to buy small or large popcorn boxes to carry popcorns easily and to give it a fancy look.

Whether it is a get together at home or you are planning a special event, these popcorn boxes can be designed in any theme, size, colour and design. You can print your name if you are customising it for yourself. Elsewise, companies can print their brand name or logo of the theatre or cinema to associate the box with them. By printing graphical images and other designs, you can give a wow factor to the boxes that are necessary to appeal to customers.

Popcorn Packaging BoxesWhy is Personalisation important?

Personalising popcorn boxes according to your choice and desire can do wonders to your business. The first benefit it gives is it helps in creating a difference in the market. There are many quacks in the market selling popcorn boxes. That means you have a tough competition. Every other brand in this race is trying his best to compete and win the race. For this purpose, they search for different tactics and ways to gain profit and win customer’s trust. Therefore, they search for unique and innovative designs to gain people's trust. In this way, these amazing designs work like a magnetic force that attract customers from afar to purchase the boxes.

Moreover, when it comes to special events like birthday parties, gatherings or move nights, customers want to get high-quality and fancy popcorn boxes. The company that sells uniqueness and manufacture prettier boxes will win the race. In other words, it is the packaging that develops differentiation among different companies. 

The other important factor of personalised popcorn boxes is getting brand recognition. By customising your packaging, you can print your brand name, logo, any catchy line or print some images to reflect beauty. You can also print your brand message or motto to aware customers about your brand and its motive easily. Besides, customers can directly customise the packaging to make their events more special. The can print names and follow the colour theme of the event. For getting brand recognition, you need to display the box elegantly and attractively to get customer's attention.

Get optimal beauty by using add-ons:

The appearance matters a lot no matter which type of product you are dealing in. Moreover, it is the beauty of the packaging that urge people to give your item a look. As popcorns are associated with fun and entertainment, the packaging should also be something that can complement its usage. For this reason, some add-ons can help you in giving the boxes maximum beauty.

Foiling gives a premium and lavish look to the boxes. Furthermore, you can foil the overall box or a part of it which you want to highlight. By printing the brand name or message with foiling, you can make it look more prominent. In this way, printing will be the first thing that will attract the customer's attention. Custom Popcorn Boxes

Embossing and debossing, on the other hand, highlight the printing. In embossing, the printing g is pushed upwards. Whereas in debossing, the text is recessed downwards.

Spot UV helps in highlighting a certain part of a box. It gives depth and contrast to that part to make it look more prominent. 

Coatings are necessary to give a final finish:

If you want the boxes to maintain its freshness for a longer time, coatings are essential. They give a flawless finish and let the boxes stay unblemished even after the careless handling of customers. There are different types in coatings, some of which are as follows:

Matte coating gives a dense and dim look to the boxes. It is fingerprint resistant and helps in removing stains easily. Additionally, the printing appears more visibly in this coating.

Contrary to it, the gloss coating gives a nice sheen to the packaging. Glamorised packaging attracts customers more easily. You can easily remove stains from this coating. The colours also appear vibrantly.

Satin coating, on the other hand, is a duo of both coatings. It is neither too matte nor too glossy. However, it gives a balanced look. 

Order your popcorn packaging boxes now for getting more customers and high sales eventually. 

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