How to Guide: Employee & Internal Communications During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Author : LenaH
Publish Date : 2020-08-20 19:59:35

How to Guide: Employee & Internal Communications During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has caught many employers around the globe off guard. They had to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances. This meant sorting out their priorities. Although it’s an important part of every business, internal communication has finally come under the spotlight. To make sure all operations run smoothly, managers have to provide top-notch tools first. They can use them for informing employees about the latest safety policies and regulations and make sure everyone is safe and sound. Here are some other ways you can maintain internal communications during the pandemic.

Adjust Content and Tone

Chances are you have sent a text or a message meaning to be funny but it badly backfired. It happens to everyone. While you can probably get away with it in your private life, you can cost you a lot in the business world. If your employees or stakeholders misunderstand your message, it can seriously damage your business. Especially now when there’s so much tension around us. That is why you should adjust your content and tone. If you have to, go through the email or text you want to send or any piece of content and make sure it is clear and concise. Leave no room for assumptions and different interpretations. As you read it, think about the tone. Does it suit the current situation or it’s a bit too much? 

Communicate Responsibly

Making sure everyone within the company communicates responsibly should be your primary concern. By everyone, we mean literally everyone. From CEOs, managers, employees, and outside consultants. All of them should use their communicative skills in the best way possible. You have to encourage them to communicate effectively and responsibly. This means to deliver and receive the messages as they were intended. When the message is delivered correctly, it eliminates every possibility for misunderstandings and mistakes. Now more than ever, you need everyone to be on the same page working diligently and precisely to prevent the business from going under.

Encourage Interaction 

While working remotely, employees tend to grow distant as there is no longer an office that unites them. Loss of team spirit can negatively affect their productivity and engagement. To avoid this trap, you have to encourage them to interact more. Allow them to ask questions, give ideas, opinions, suggestions, or express their concerns. Moreover, give them opportunities to share hobbies, stories, and recommendations among themselves. It will help them reconnect and maintain team spirit and morale in the virtual workplace. Furthermore, schedule video conferences and meetings because of the many benefits face to face communication has. 

Evolve with the Pandemic

The situation with the pandemic changes by the hour. You have to keep track of those changes and evolve with the pandemic itself. Staying on top of the latest changes helps you make necessary adjustments to your communication strategy. Depending on the health situation in the country, you might have to add the latest information in your content. This will not only keep all employees updated but also show how much you care about their wellbeing. It will help you adjust business operations and logistics as well. 

Inform Regularly 

Having a transparent communication can take you and your company a long way. When you ignore your employees’ questions, rumors start to spread around the workplace. Employees become dissatisfied and distrustful. During a crisis, you need everyone on your side. For this reason, you have to keep everyone in the workplace regularly and timely informed. Send emails or newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis informing them of the latest events in the company. You can also provide an overview of the completed projects and announce future ones. Either way, you have to be available so your employees can reach you anytime they need you. They might need help with their work or they simply have some concerns for you to address. Give them all information they need and answer their burning questions. It will ease their mind and make them focus on their work.

Lead the Way

When a crisis occurs, employees trust their leaders to get them through. That is why you have to use your leadership skills and lead the way. Take control of the business and stay on top of things. All leaders, managers, and executives have to be aligned with HR and other departments regarding safety and business policies and regulations. Once you align and share the same knowledge, you can openly discuss their implementation in the workplace with employees. When employees how ready and determined you are to tackle problems, they will immediately relax because they’re in good hands. On the other hand, if no one takes responsibility, no matter how good you communicate, it will all fall apart.

Remain Emphatic 

While communicating clearly, directly, and concisely is important, you shouldn’t forget to show empathy. Your employees are probably working remotely during the pandemic. They are isolated and socially distancing. Breaking the routine takes a toll on their mental and physical health. On top of all that, some of them have to take care of their families and kids. Whenever you communicate with your employees, take into account the circumstances, and be emphatic and considerate. Your employees will appreciate your efforts to make them feel better during this difficult period. When they know the company and coworkers support them, they can focus on doing their work the best way they can.

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