How to Start Wholesale Wedding Clothes Business and Best Tool for Sales and Order Tracking?

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Publish Date : 2020-11-26 06:57:36

How to Start Wholesale Wedding Clothes Business and Best Tool for Sales and Order Tracking?

We live in a world full of fashion enthusiasts. The search for the ultimate fashion apparel brand nerve comes to an end. And that’s exactly why the apparel business doesn’t go out of trend. The stats also suggest its rise. The global apparel market is expected to grow to more than $430 billion by 2025.

Wedding wear shares a huge part of this figure. The global wedding wear market is predicted to reach a massive $87 billion by 2025.  It's high time to start a wholesale wedding clothes business.

Here is a guide on how to start a wholesale wedding clothes business and how to manage it. Let’s get started.

  1. Create a Business Plan

Even though you know your business niche, you still need a solid business plan. A sound business plan will help you sort the important things out in the very beginning. It will also help you stay on track during the business development stages.

Note down the basic business idea. Write down the details and think about every possible issue. This will help you identify potential problems and think about their solution beforehand.

  1. Understand Your Market and Customers

 After selecting a specific niche for your business, you need to explore your target market. Fully understand your customer base and target market. Every market segment has different needs.  Understand the demographics of your clientele and plan your business strategies accordingly.

The market research also includes understanding your competitors. Knowing your competition in the market provides a head start and helps you come up with unique ideas.

  1. Choose Your Suppliers

The next step in starting a wholesale wedding apparel business is choosing the suppliers. It is an important step as your business depends on the stock. Search for the right suppliers. Analyze their market performance and feedback. Do your research and choose the right supplier for your business. 

  1. Manage Your Finances

Investment plays an important role in business development. Managing your finances properly ensures the smooth flow of business processes. Therefore, pay special attention to the budget and what you expect your business to make in a specific period of time.

  1. Create a Brand Identity

Create your brand identity before getting into the marketing phase. At this stage, you know your customer persona, your products, and the target market. Use this information to come up with an innovative idea that appeals to the customers. Think about the basic concept of your brand, the message you want to deliver with your products. A specific brand identity allows you to get the attention of the masses effectively.

  1. Market Your Products

Marketing plays a significant role in business. There was a time when it was considered that wholesale business worked only on market relationships and marketing doesn’t make any difference. But times have changed Now, marketing plays a pivotal role in the wholesale business.

You need to develop a strong marketing plan for your wedding clothes wholesale business. Advertise your products on social media and other platforms. Get the attention of the customers. Offer special discounts for beginners and other deals to attract the masses.

  1. Stock Management

Inventory is the base of a wholesale business. Proper inventory management is important for business growth.

Nowadays, automation has made stock management easy. Many tools are available that can help manage and track inventory effectively. Choose an inventory management system and integrate it into your business management system as soon as possible.  

Best Tool for Order and Sales Tracking

Order tracking is an important part of business management. It helps process the orders efficiently and ensures customer satisfaction.

 Sales tracking also plays a significant role in business growth. Business owners utilize sales tracking tools to provide insights into business sales. They help create strategies to improve the overall sales. The right order and sales tracking tools simplify business management big time.

We recommend a tool that not only tracks orders and business sales, but also manages the inventory. SeeBiz Inventory keeps track of the products and records any changes in the inventory. Some striking features of the app are as follows.


  • The tool is extremely easy to use. Even beginners can get their hands on its features without any difficulty.
  •  It efficiently handles the eCommerce business and manages online as well as offline orders effectively.
  •  The app keeps track of each and every item in the inventory.  Expiry dates and specifications of each item are recorded in the system.  You can also monitor the products throughout the supply chain.
  • It enables you to create purchase orders, process backorders, and handle drop shipments easily. You can also manage the returns within the inventory.
  •  Helps predict the market demands accurately and place the right orders.
  •  Provides real-time data and better inventory control.  It also generates detailed reports. You can get an idea of business performance through these reports.
  •  Helps manage your contacts within the inventory. It allows you to communicate with the vendors as well as customers.  

SeeBiz Inventory is free for the first three months. You can explore all its features without an exception in the trial period.

Some Final Words!

Starting your own wedding clothes wholesale marketplace business can be overwhelming, but the right strategies and tools can get you through easily.

Plan smartly, understand your business requirement, and choose the right tools for your business. You are just a few steps away from your dream business, just take the leap and get started!

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