Kids Play Like Spot Sneaky Buzzwords On Cereal Boxes

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 09:33:18

Kids Play Like Spot Sneaky Buzzwords On Cereal Boxes

Cereals are the best way to take a nutritious start to your day. They are packed in attractively designed packaging to grasp the attention of everyone. It would be interesting to know that these amazing cereal boxes provide you a great opportunity to get crafty with your kids. Kids play like spot sneaking buzzwords, feed the penguin, and tricky puzzles enhances their creativity and make them spend quality time. Whether you are having a blank cereal box or custom-printed ones turn them into amazing crafts of your choice to let kids have fun with.

Here we are going to list out some entertaining and educational playthings for kids you can make by repurposing empty cereal boxes. Let's get some help from little hands too, for creating these amazing crafts:

Spot Sneaky Buzzwords:

Although your family breakfast may not be as healthy as it seems from its packaging yet spotting sneaking buzzwords is always entertaining for kids. If you look at the front of a cereal box, buzzwords like; made from whole grains, natural fruity flavors and a good source of fibers, etc indicates the customers of a high-nutritional value. The text is printed in eye-catchy fonts and attractive colors to grasp the attention of kids. You may let your child spot out such buzzwords, know their meaning and learn more from them.

Cereal Box Maze:

Homemade toys are a big hit for kids as you can make several of them easily even on a weeknight. No matter whatever is the age of your child, a cereal box maze is always an interesting idea to play with. Take any old cereal box and convert it to a maze by using some of the simple craft supplies. This game will help your kid practice good motor and directional skills. Make a more complicated version for older kids to enjoy more.

Cereal Box Puzzle:

This cardboard box puzzle can reuse a couple of empty cereal boxes creating a fascinating simple preschool activity. A creative puzzle can engage your children for hours. It's a perfect play for a cold or rainy day when your kids can't go out. Attach some contact paper with masking tape below the cereal box cuttings to make the pieces stiffer to handle. Your kids will love having fun with cereal boxes puzzles all day long.

Feed The Penguin:

Feed the penguin is an easy and fun game for kids. You can make it from a blank cereal box or any of your choice.  Add on a couple of googly eyes to make it more enchanting. It is also a great way to practice different skills and concepts with your kid. On the fish, you may draw various shapes, numbers, letters, or write small words. Let your kids enjoy feeding the penguin and recall some concepts written on the fish.

Craft Miniature Piñatas:

Use some empty cereal boxes to create these little Piñatas. They are an astounding craft for kids that let them enjoy for hours. Design them in different attractive colors to make a great party favor. You may also create a little door at the bottom of each piñata to make your treats fill in or out easily.

Easter Egg Baskets:

Easter egg baskets are a fascinating kids' craft, especially during the holiday season. Your children will be more than delight to wear a beautiful Easter egg basket made on their own. The easiest way easy way is to cut long strips out of cereal packaging. Make them equal in length to get a greater finish. Start to weave the baskets from the bottom. Apply glue at every end to fasten well. You may keep the printed side of the cereal box in the front to provide a great display. Cut a thin long strip to make a handle or use a cord. Fix it from both the sides and it dry. On your Easter day, fill it up with eggs. This multi-purpose basket is a good contribution to add great fun to your kids' holiday activities.

Puppet Theater:

The cereal box comes up with all the interesting ideas to explore the world of stories. It provides an amazing adventure for kids to take their imagination where ever they want. Each cereal box can be converted to adorable characters for your kids popping out and construct an awesome recycled puppet theatre. This activity will inspire everyone and make your kid explore something new every time.

Play House:

Making a playhouse out of cereal boxes is a great way to show your kids that recycling can be real fun. With the best use of imagination along with some of the basic crafts, you can create an astounding Peppa Pig Puppet Playhouse, Barbie house, and a lot more. You can easily download printable characteristics from the internet to complete your play and have hours of fun.

Matching Game:

The matching game is another interesting kids' play like spot sneaky buzzwords in the terms of knowledge and learning. As cereal packaging is available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and themes, it provides a good opportunity for the parents to gather several different types of boxes and let their kids play the matching game. You can create it in your memory style by using bright and colorful custom cereal boxes. This craft is really quick and easy to make. It's a perfect educational activity for preschool kids. Choose at least four or six different colors and cut 2 same-sized circles from each of the boxes. Let your child turn over pieces to start matching.

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