Know of the safety parameters that a plastic bin used for a commercial purpose must comply with

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Know of the safety parameters that a plastic bin used for a commercial purpose must comply with

The plastic bins are requirements of today’s life, from storage to transport its needs are everywhere. But before using them anyone should go through its safety parameters. Yes, by checking the safety parameters you will get rid of many problems related to bins later.

Firstly, the bin should be strong, reliable & durable to perform different types of tasks, and it should be spillage proof. Secondly, it should be reusable & can be used many times over.

Different types of bins have several types of parameters for industrial use. They are –

For food processing & food-related industries –

For food processing industries bins should be labeled as food-grade and should be marked with HACCP, as this marking states the authenticity & ability of food-grade containers & bins.

Since not all containers are food gradable, the bins which are unsuitable for long term contact with food like food -chemicals can start to leak out. In addition to this, single-use containers or receptacles such as take away containers & ice- cream crates are unsuitable for industrial long term food storage as they cannot withstand repeated heating & freezing.

Food containers and bins should be easily convenient for food storage. And they should be adequate for washing & high-pressure cleaning. Besides this, they also can withstand freezing conditions.

For industrial use-

There are some important things that you should be aware of according to the type of industry you ate in and want to buy a plastic bin Sydney.

Firstly, the dimensions of the load capacity of the plastic bin should be checked and after that, they should match your storage & transportation needs. This is important as receiving the right plastic crate or container can reduce the risk of using those containers which are unsuitable for your intended applications.

Secondly, the overloading of bins should be avoided as it impairs control & causes tripping over.  Bins also should not be overloaded as it doesn't allow for forklift and it can create problems while transferring it from one place to the other.

There are many other safety norms, measures & parameters which to be considered while choosing bins. They are:-

The material –The base raw material for crate and plastic bins shall be made of unpigmented plastic material preferably high-density polyethylene.

Mass – The mass of the bins & crate shall depend upon the material used, the capacity & the design selected, therefore, shall be as agreed between the purchaser & the supplier.

Appearance & surface finish- The inside & outside surface of the bins &crate shall be of a smooth finish& free from edges including handle slot of minimum dimensions of 95 mm × 25 mm for comfortable handling.

Handle test- The crates &bins handle should be of suspension tested, bind handle should be strong & broad to hold.

Packing & marking- Packing- The crates shall be packed in that manner as the requirements and things lie under it.

Marking- Each crate shall be legible& permanently marked with the following information.

  • Manufacturer ‘s name or initial trademark, if any
  • Month & year of manufacture
  • Batch or code no.
  • Recycling symbols of HDPE  & polypropylene
  • Quantity marks mentioned in a liter, in bins

BIS certification marking –

The crates and bins should be marked with standard BIS certification.

Resistance to environmental stress & cracking –

Crates, when tested, should be by this type of method that the, plastic bins & craters should be resistant to extreme high & cold temperatures.

Bins should be checked with their confluence line strength, mechanical strength & sampling.

Besides this, the lid of the bin should be properly checked; bins lid should be properly airtight, fit, durable, reliable &spill-proof.

Bins lid should be re-sealable and properly fit the container, otherwise harmful fume & hazardous chemicals & materials can harm to employees, workers & environment.

After all of these, the weight of a plastic bin should be properly checked before and after loading carefully so that one can know about spillage and capacity of spill-proof.

Bins that are used in chemical industries should be properly forklift and handled with care otherwise many fatal & lethal injuries may occur.  And also these bins should be kept in a secured and safe place so that one can curtail the risk of serious injuries.

With the above precautions, industrial plastic bins should be properly checked, handled with care, and should be properly washed. These are some of the industrial parameters for buying a plastic bin.

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