LG is ready to launch its newest OLED television line

Publish Date : 2021-05-05 05:18:46

LG is ready to launch its newest OLED television line

Comes in 8K and 4K resolutions with more choices of screen landscapes.

The LG TV lineup will put forward the OLED evo which brings the success of the next generation development innovation of OLED panels.

"Bringing almost all series that were previously present and received great appreciation at the world's largest electronic exhibition, CES 2021, this year's LG television collection will be prepared for the Indonesian people to experience the latest developments that can be expected from a television," said Product Marketing of Home Entertainment. LG Electronics Indonesia, Verina Widya, in her official statement.

He further stated that along with OLED televisions , LG's main television collection this year also offers NanoCell TV and QNED Mini LED.

OLED televisions have built their reputation on the existence of self-lit pixels . In the form of pixels that can light up and adjust their own lighting, without the presence of a backlight.

This technology allows OLED televisions to reproduce blacks with a perfect level of depth that makes it have an infinite contrast ratio.

"At this core technology, all the advantages of OLED come from what other television technologies have not been able to achieve, which still rely on the backlight unit on the back of the screen as a lighting source," said Verina.

At OLED, he explained, it can be said that the screen is the source of the light so as to provide optimal brightness and richness of colors, along with other advantages that complement it.

Coming in the OLED G1 series, the OLED evo television delivers enhanced luminosity for higher brightness with stunning clarity, detail and realism.

Thanks to the redesign of the new OLED panel with an additional layer made of a stronger emission material that smooths the wavelength of light.

The materials for OLED lighting have also been changed to increase and amplify light intensity.

"The result of all this is a brighter, sharper image and better viewing comfort with the OLED evo," said Verina.

LG provides a choice of OLED television series C1 and A1. The C1 Series offers the most range of options for a variety of needs.

Meanwhile, the LG A1 OLED television series is available as an option for new enthusiasts at competitive prices.

Even with the availability of a 48-inch landscape, LG's OLED A1 series, which is equipped with a 120Hz screen and support for VRR, ALLM, and eARC that meet the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications, is positioned as the ideal television for gamers.

On the other hand, this year's LG NanoCell TV also comes with a better offering with a larger selection in 8K and 4K resolutions.

The entire model retains the LG NanoCell display technology which uses nanoparticles to filter out impure colors for a more lifelike image.

Meanwhile, the presence of QNED LED Mini Television will be an additional attraction in the LG TV collection this year.

The reason is, this new variant of LG television uses Quantum Dot NanoCell technology and mini LED backlight.

The collaboration of the two technologies is said to produce more vivid colors, more depth for blacks, better accuracy and contrast compared to conventional LCD televisions.

"Relying on this technology collaboration, the presence of the LG QNED Mini LED TV will set a new standard in the LED television category," said Verina Widya again.

In addition to preparing a wider choice of series, the LG 2021 UHD television will also bring more screen span options from 43 inches to 86 inches.

The entire LG television series in 2021 will run simultaneously starting next month.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is still closing the meeting regarding the price and it will be given at the launch of each of these LG television models later.

Answering Public Doubts, LG Prepares Air Purifier to Reach the Entire Room

people pay more attention to air quality, encouraging the increasing need for air purifier devices .

PT LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) is ready to complete its electronic lineup by marketing air purifiers in Indonesia.

Coming with the name LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier, this air purifying device will bring innovations that allow further range of air purification and distribution of clean air, covering the entire space in which it is placed.

"The presence of LG air purifier will answer people's doubts regarding the performance of its air purifier unit and for those who are considering having an air purifier, in maintaining the quality of air in the house," said Satrio Mulyo P as Part Leader Air Conditioning.

According to him, this statement is based on LG's internal research which resulted in two main findings.

On the one hand, internal research has found the increasing ownership and consideration of having an air purifier in Indonesian society, along with the increasing attention to indoor air quality.

On the other hand, the same research results show that the decision to choose an air purifier unit is often colored by doubts about its performance.

This doubt is triggered by two things, namely the range of the air purifier in delivering purified clean air and its ability to cover the entire space with clean air.

Based on these findings, the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier was developed with three main advantages. Unique round design, Clean Booster and a combination of Safe Plus Filter and Ionizer.

The round design of the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier with airflow on all sides, is designed to ensure clean air flows to every corner of the room wherever it is placed.

In addition, LG designed the airflow channel from the base of its body which is supported by short supports. This is to ensure that clean air flow even covers the part of the room closest to the floor.

"Often forgotten, this part is crucial considering that many activities, such as watching TV broadcasts or spending quality time with family, are done sitting or lying on the floor," said Satrio.

Moreover, according to him, attention to the distribution of purified air in the part of the room closest to the floor is developed for users who have children at the age who are still playing on all fours.

"The unique design of the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier is designed to be reliable for all activities and the comfort of the whole family," said Satrio.

Clean Booster being an LG innovation focuses more on the speed and range of distribution of clean indoor air.

In the form of a fan located at the top of the unit, its presence will make air circulation run more actively.

LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier is counted 24 percent faster for cleaning the air.

Clean Booster can be set in dynamic mode. This fan unit will be lifted in a variation of 35 degrees to 55 degrees and rotate to reach the farthest side of the room.

Activating it allows Clean Booster to distribute clean air up to a distance of seven and a half meters from where it is placed.

LG's Safe Plus Filter and Ionizer filter system, to provide more comfort regarding the quality of air cleaning with the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier .

Complementing this air filtering, LG added a deodorization filter to get rid of unpleasant odors from the room.

As the conclusion, LG complements it with a collaboration between the work of the H13 Grade HEPA Filter and Ionizer which effectively provides protection by eliminating bacteria and viruses.

The company has been tested and certified. Among them are the Korea Asthma & Allergy Association (KAF), for the effectiveness of removing dust and allergens up to 99 percent.

Also the Korea Air Cleaning Association, which tests and certifies LG's air purifier's ability to reduce five types of harmful gases with an effectiveness of up to 99 percent.

Regarding the marketing preparations for the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier in Indonesia, Satrio stated, LG will provide it in two variants.

Both will have the same completeness of the main features, with differences only in the broad scope of the scope.

Shaped like two tubes arranged vertically, this variant of the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier is designed to effectively perform cleaning up to a total area of ​​100 square meters.

While the smaller variant is in the form of a single tube, it has a wide coverage area of ​​61.2 square meters.

Both will be available in two color choices, namely the more nuanced Creamy Snow and the New Metal Shine with a metallic finish.

LG PuriCare 360 ​​° Air Purifier is also equipped with LG ThinQ. This feature allows remote control and monitoring of LG air purifier via WiFi.

“Adapting to the user's active lifestyle, LG ThinQ is an important addition that allows the owner to get clean air in the house immediately after entering the house. This includes monitoring and ensuring that the activities of other family members are more comfortable with clean air in the room, ”said Satrio.

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