#NEW YORK (AP)-The lighter days of CNNs Cuomo Brothers show are long gone

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Publish Date : 2021-02-20 17:27:39

#NEW YORK (AP)-The lighter days of CNNs Cuomo Brothers show are long gone

New York (AP) - Some TV shows age much better than others.

For CNN, the rift between Chris Cuomo and his older brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, last spring seems to have been exacerbated by questions over its role in failing to reveal the exact number of U.S. governors. Elderly COVID-19 home to death.

CNN is covering that, but not Chris Cuomo's show. The network said Cuomo had reinstated a ban on interviewing or telling stories about his brother, which he temporarily lifted last spring.

The two brothers were in Surkhet last March. Chris Cuomo picked up COVID-19 and continued to anchor his program from his basement, while the governor treated New York's hell days as the country's earliest coronavirus center. Andrew Cuomo's brief was broadcast almost daily on television and, for some viewers, eclipsed as a counterpoint hosted by President Donald Trump.

Nine times between March 1 and June 24, 2020, the governor appeared at his brother's show. The conversation between the two Italians in Queens about the filth and siblings was fun if we ever cried, like when Chris Cuomo blew his brother's big nose when he needed to take the Coyote-1 test.

"I enjoyed these interviews a lot and Chris will be able to ask his brother questions that others can't ask," said Roy Gutterman, a professor of media law at Syracuse University. "But from the beginning, I didn't think it was appropriate.

"This is journalism 101," he said. "We tell our students not to interview your family and friends."

Politics ignores conflicts of interest - can one expect others to ask tough questions? - or the presence of at least one.

A CNN spokesman said the early months of the epidemic were extraordinary.

"Chris felt he was talking to his brother about the challenges facing millions of American families," he told CNN. "As a result, we made an exception to a rule that came into force after 201A that prevented Chris from interviewing his brother, and that rule remains today." 

Frustrated under the radar for months, questions about Andrew Cuomo have been at the forefront in recent weeks. The New York Attorney General said in a report that the administration had reduced the number of people living in nursing homes who died from CIVID 1, but generally reduced the number of deaths elsewhere in the hospital.

This was important because of the instructions given by the Cuomo administration in March that nurses should not refuse to admit or read patients because they had COVID-1. This policy was revoked two months later.

Theoretically there is nothing wrong with choosing the wrong number of hidden nurse homes. The governor accused the staff entering the weak nursing home of spreading the virus to a weaker population than the patients admitted with COVID-1. He said it would be discriminatory not to allow those patients to go to nursery homes.

Last week, it was revealed that Andrew Cuomo's aide told New York lawmakers that the real picture of deaths in nursery homes has not been revealed for fear of being used against the governor during an investigation launched by Trump's Justice Department.

The last time the governor appeared at his brother's event, Chris Cuomo asked him: "Nursing homes. People died there. They didn't have it. It was mismanaged. And operators were given immunity. What do you say about that?"

The governor replied that something his brother had said was wrong. "But that's good," he said. "This is your program. Everything you want to say."

"It's a sad situation, and we have to figure out how to make it better next time," he said.

CNN has covered many recent events outside of Chris Cuomo's show, at least 224 times in the last week alone. Two notable events took place on Jan. 2 on Brianna Keller and Jake Tapper on Sunday's "State of the Union." Had given an in-depth report. Both accusers said they asked Andrew Cuomo to appear on their show and they were denied - dozens of times, in the case of Tapper.

The governor made a bad decision that could have cost him his life and so his administration hid the data from the public, ”Tapper said.

Although Chris Cuomo did not address the latest stories following his network policy, the bypass with his brother came out before last October's election after a heated exchange on the show with Transport Campaign spokesman Tim Murtuha.

Kurtho criticized the Trump administration for having "self-righteous questions" about whether COVID-1 was taken seriously, pointing to the giant tampon.

"Does it look like the guys who are taking it seriously?" He said. "Your brother Cuomo Brothers was in Comedy Hour."

"Yes, I am," replied Chris Cuomo. "It was as ridiculous as hell."

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