Perfect Ways to Measure Your Home Blinds Correctly

Author : Ivon Michal
Publish Date : 2020-09-19 09:55:50

Perfect Ways to Measure Your Home Blinds Correctly

Were you planning a home renovation, but the pandemic ruined everything for you? With the ease in lockdown now, it is a perfect time to renovate your house. Installing home blinds is a cost-effective and quick way to upgrade your home appeal. However, before you hand blinds in your home, it is essential that you measure the window properly to get a perfect fit. If your windows are of standard size, then ready-made options work.

There is a wide range of ready-made blinds available in different colors, materials, and sizes. If your windows are not of standard size, then you have to go with a customized option, and for that, precise measurement is a must. Below are some questions that you need to reflect on:

Where you want to hang them inside or outside of the frame?

It all depends on the homeowner personal choice, taste as well as the appearance of the window frame. When you mount the devices inside the house, it provides a neat and clean look. It also makes the window frame to stand out and appeal attractive visually. If the window opening frame is in attractive wooden, then it would be wrong to hide it. On the other hand, if the opening is framed in a wallboard or drywall, then mounting blinds on the outside would be fine.

Do you have a measuring tape at home?

Get your measuring tape, piece of paper, and a pencil. You need to measure the width of the window from side to side and then from top to bottom. Measuring in these spots is recommended as it will allow you to see whether there are any damages or irregularities. If you want to install blinds on the inside mount, then use the narrowest measurement when ordering.

Would you feel better by having a professional to measure it?

Most companies prefer to send a representative that is proficient in measuring the window frame at your home. It will be done after you decide to purchase from them. Also, cheery on top, when you choose a company to do it for you, and after the job is done you found any errors, it will be the company’s full responsibility to correct it.

Where would you like to have your controls to hang?

As you are organizing your home, envision the opening and closing of each device every day. By analyzing your room design and furnishings, you will agree to the fact that the controls on the left or right side of the window frame will be advantageous. If you have installed your wands on the right side but always have to lean around the table, it will be a pain.

Do you have young kids who might end up twisted up within the cords?

Those individuals that have young children, there are child-proof options available like cordless openers or the ones which can be hidden away in a pulley tool.

What style best fits with your interior décor?

Once you have figured out the useful parts of measuring and cord position, now you get to decide the most important and fun part, and that is the style. There are numerous colors, designs, and materials to pick from. Some of them are sheer, while others will provide protective insulation from the outdoor weather and harmful sunrays.

Blinds are one of the famous window coverings and for the right reason. Not only are they fascinating and functional, but they also provide insulation and mild filtering for improving energy efficiency and decreasing utility bills. Measuring yours in the right way will make all of the distinction in how they look and fit.

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