Sales Analytics to Increase Productivity of your sales team

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Publish Date : 2021-09-23 09:28:43

Sales Analytics to Increase Productivity of your sales team

Sales analytics are crucial to increasing your booked meetings from cold calls. The more you know about your reps' sales process, the better equipped you are to help them improve. By analyzing their performance, you'll be able to spot pain points in their sales process and help them come up with solutions salesken has one of the accurate call analytics software which helps you to analyze all the calls which your sales team makes.

Visualizing data will give you a greater understanding of how efficiently your team performs, allowing you to make more informed decisions on how to improve. By integrating Salesforce with your business's CRM, you’ll be able to see the metrics you really care about, like how many meetings each person closes, no matter what department they’re in.

It’s time to stop wasting time and money on cold calls and focus on converting meetings you book to actual closed deals. Our Sales Speech Analytics Software will show you how many meetings your team booked from their cold calls and provide you with actionable insights to increase your conversion rates.

Cold calling is a vital part of the sales process, but it’s often poorly managed. There are plenty of reasons for that, but one is that it’s hard to measure the success of cold calls. That makes it hard for callers to adjust their strategy in response to their results. Here’s how your team can use sales analytics to improve bookings from cold calls, so you get more meetings for your time.

Cold calling is a lot of hard work and “outbound” cold calling doesn’t have a great track record for meeting/booking sales goals.

Our latest technology can help you figure out what your team should be doing differently to find a better balance between effort and results.

Outbound calls are a waste of resources, especially if the results don’t justify the effort. Let us figure out what’s going on and then let us automate your cold calls for you.

What if you could make your reps 20% more efficient?

Reduce time to book meetings down by 26%, increase the number of warm calls made by 12%, and reduce time wasted on non-call work by 25%.

Unlock your team’s full potential by getting the right tools and making your teams more efficient.

• Build a winning call profile unique to your organisation in minutes.

• Creates highly demoable and connectible conversations.

• Provides a pattern of calls that demo and connect at a higher rate.

• Creates a conversational profile that ensures you connect more and demo more

Sales productivity can be measured by the rate at which a salesperson increases revenue for the company. In short, improving efficiency comes down to finding ways to become more efficient with your time. Adding structure and focus to their day allows them keep the end goal in mind.

Biggest Contributing Factors To Sales Inefficiency

Field sales professionals face an overwhelming number of obstacles preventing them from operating at peak efficiency.

Before understanding how to coach and structure your sales team to achieve optimal levels of productivity, it’s important to recognize and understand the most significant factors standing in the way of reaching greatness.

  • Excessive performance pressure to exceed targets
  • Inconsistent sales strategies and processes
  • Random, poorly planned sales coaching and training sessions
  • Poor route planning and scheduling
  • Lack of communication from top to bottom
  • Failing to establish sales activity priorities
  • Resistance adapting to new and innovative sales tools and technologies
  • Large amounts of turnover and constant change
  • Lack of alignment and communication between sales, marketing and operations
  • Evolving dynamics in the sales funnel
  • Poorly established ideal customer profiles (ICP)
  • Continuous distractions from outside and irrelevant sources
  • Sales cultures that breed negativity

This list could go on forever. The factors that prohibit salespeople from taking advantage of their entire work day can be big or small.

Regardless of severity only one thing is for sure, every member on your sales team will encounter several of these challenges. In a landscape that’s more competitive than ever, the margin for error is slim to none.

Key Pillars of Sale Productivity

With such a large number of hurdles standing in the way of an efficient sales team, there are a few key pillars that serve as the foundational building blocks to help increase sales productivity. Some may be staring you right in the face while others aren’t necessarily on the surface.


A firm organizational sales structure is an essential component of consistency. There may be wrinkles unique to each salesperson, but the same sales process should always be followed.

How a sales rep’s day is scheduled and structured goes a long way as well. Use what works and share those strategies with the entire team.


The number of distractions pulling us away from our daily goals seem to only ever increase. It doesn’t help that today’s generation has an extremely short attention span on top of that.

Eliminate the things that take you away from your present focus or build a specific time for these tasks in your daily schedule.

Constant Innovation

The majority of field sales managers will tell you that things are “really good” and “going well” when asked, purely out of natural instinct. These answers are the epitome of mediocrity.

While it may be more than lip-service, are their sales tools and processes as effective and efficient as they could be, or as their competitors?

Holding onto what’s working isn’t necessarily “bad,” but it prevents progress. The field sales industry changes at such a rapid rate, and refusing to innovate significantly hinders salesman productivity.

Need some inspiration? Nobody embraced innovation better than the driving force behind the infamous 1980 Miracle On Ice, head coach Herb Brooks. He was doing “pretty good” prior to the Olympics, leading the University of Minnesota to 3 NCAA D-I Championships in 1974, 1976 and 1979. Brooks is notorious for his approach, forcing 20 hated rival college kids to learn a new, untested style of play. Brooks’ hybrid combined the Soviet Union’s fluid, weaving attack with the physical defensive style seen in the NHL.

Reduce Pressure

The competitive nature of the field sales landscape leads sales reps and their managers to feel the added pressure to perform and attain their quotas. Even the best sales professionals are bound to have an off-month. Low performance exacerbates the rush achieve their targets.

Salespeople taking the initiative to perform at a higher rate is a positive takeaway, but it’s this type of pressure than can actually have a negative effect on productivity levels.

Additionally, re-evaluate your sales quotas to ensure they’re challenging, yet attainable. Quotas that salespeople perceive as being impossible to reach are likely to prevent your staff from trying because they believe they’re going to fail regardless.

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