Scale Your On-demand Business In No Time With A Supreme Gojek Clone App

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Publish Date : 2020-11-28 08:39:23

Scale Your On-demand Business In No Time With A Supreme Gojek Clone App

Technology has made it easier for people to avail of services. Smartphone applications have become the ‘go-to’ and reliable destinations for people in today’s technologically-driven world. With that being said, the market for single service-specific apps has gone through the ceiling. However, the mere fact that people need to switch between different apps for various services has made them lookout for alternatives. This has led to the massive rise of multi-service apps like Gojek, Grab, etc. 

An on-demand mobile app catering to more than one service comes with numerous benefits for the entire ecosystem. In today’s fast-paced world where people expect services on the go, multi-service apps can be the ideal solution in every aspect. 

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to introduce a Super app like Gojek? If so, you need to know the different types of services worth-considering in your application. Besides, this blog discusses the enticing benefits and the income-generating sources to consider while launching a multi-services on-demand app

Vital Services that can have a Crucial Impact 

One of the notable aspects of the multi-services platform is that entrepreneurs can choose the type of services they wish to integrate into the application. Here’s the list of the top 4 that are segregated categorically for better understanding. 

On-demand Taxi apps 

Take any multi-service app, for example, and you’ll inevitably find their roots as a taxi app. The ride-hailing market forecasts massive growth in the upcoming years, and it is a no-brainer to include taxi services in your application. Under the umbrella of taxi apps, you can consider the conventional ride-hailing by cars, ride-sharing/carpooling options, bike taxi rides, etc. The taxi market will reach a significant $365 billion by the end of 2024.

On-demand Delivery apps 

Delivery apps have experienced a positive turnaround of events amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation. With people stranded in their homes, enjoying doorstep delivery services can be the ultimate sophistication. Numerous delivery services include, 

  • Food delivery 

  • Grocery delivery 

  • Medicine delivery 

  • Alcohol delivery 

  • Flower delivery 

This way, different delivery services must find a place in your multi-service app ecosystem. 

Digital Payment apps 

The COVID-19 pandemic has reiterated the need for digital payment services. Be it paying electricity bills or effortless mobile recharges, managing digital payments with just a few taps on their smartphones can come in handy. Besides, smartphones eliminate the role of banks significantly. Users can transfer funds seamlessly to anyone across the world, leading to efficient and straightforward payment options. Hence, it is vital to consider digital payment services in your Super app. 

Other On-demand Services 

Now, this category includes the other popular on-demand services that aren’t segregated into the remaining three sections. Besides taxi, delivery, and digital payments, one needs to consider services like, 

  • Home services

  • Laundry services 

  • Telemedicine services

  • Beauty services

  • Video streaming services 

  • And many more. 

Income from a Variety of Sources 

As an entrepreneur, one needs to introduce a platform that is benefitting the audience and profitable as well. With a Super app, you can earn revenue from numerous sources, including 

  • Commissions from service providers: The super app bridges the gap between customers who demand and providers who supply. As a result, for every successful payment made by the customer, the service provider gives up a part of the payment as paid commissions to the platform owner. 

  • Subscription charges from customers: Customers prefer subscription plans to enjoy premium benefits from the platform. As a result, they give up subscription charges, either monthly/annually. These charges go straight into the entrepreneur’s pockets as paid commissions. 

  • In-app ad charges from third-party brand owners: Displaying third-party ads can be an ideal monetization strategy. You can levy ad charges from third-party brand owners based on numerous metrics like views, clicks, impressions, etc. 

Innumerable Benefits to the entire ecosystem 

A Gojek clone app, encompassing more than 50+ services, comes with enticing benefits for the entire ecosystem. They include, 

  • One-stop-shop for customers: Customers enjoy the luxury of availing of different services under one roof. This way, they needn’t switch between different apps nor load the smartphone with 20 or 30 on-demand apps. With a single app, they can maintain absolute control over their orders and proceedings. 

  • The massive customer base for service providers: In today’s world, gaining access to a massive customer base has become a strenuous task. By signing up with the Super app, service providers have access to an enormous customer base, leading to enhanced profits. This way, they get consistent bookings from customers as well. 


The Super app trend has already created a massive impact on Southeast Asian countries. Tech giants like Facebook, Uber, etc., are striving to explore the money-spinning multi-service business vertical. As an entrepreneur, all you need is assistance from the right app development company. Reach out to an expert company, tell them your visions, and venture into the market right away.

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