Security Options in Condos

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Security Options in Condos

Ahh…home, sweet home. That singular place where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and completely at ease. Ensuring condo community residents can enjoy that easy peace of mind


when in the sanctuary of their own homes is one of the main reasons that safety is such an essential concern when managing a condo community.

It goes without saying that in order to maintain that sense of safety, condo management Calgary should constantly be at work taking proactive measures to reduce the potential for security risks or concerns. It’s the board’s duty, after all, to ensure that building operations are protected and that residents’ security is safeguarded at all times – and if your condo corporation needs some guidance on how to make that happen, we’ve got five different steps your community can take to step up safety and security around the complex.

Five Key Approaches to Condo Safety and Security

Keep Residents Caught Up on Fire Safety Precautions and Measures

Make sure that all residents have access to details, information and precautions when it comes to fire safety – including what to do and where to go in case of an emergency. Ideally, your condo board would facilitate in-person training sessions provided by certified fire safety experts, giving residents and board members hands-on experience when it comes to fire safety in the context of their specific condo property. This sort of training typically covers everything from how to initiate smoke control and start emergency generators to teaching about the operation of exhaust fans, fire suppression measures, and more. Realistically, all supervisory personnel and board members should know how to start and use these emergency services.

Educate Residents on Key Fire Hazards and Safety Points

While it’s entirely unrealistic to expect each and every member of your condo community to want to become Honorary Deputy Fire Marshalls, there are some clear key hazards and safety touchstones your board can make a point of focusing on, including:

  • Making sure residents know where your building’s fire alarms are located and how to use them.
  • Establishing an agreed-upon muster point outside the building for everyone to meet up at in the event of a building-wide evacuation.
  • Ensuring residents are aware of the safest and most efficient escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.
  • Maintaining a regular property-wide audit to ensure fire alarms are appropriately installed where necessary and working properly. As a reminder here, there should be at least one alarm for each level – and realistically, residents should also be trained on how to protect themselves from smoke in the event of a fire, too.

Periodic Inspection of Security Systems

Peace-of-mind isn’t just related to fire safety – it also comes along with knowing that your building or complex is appropriately secure, too. Maintaining the proper functioning of your condo community’s security systems is an important step in ensuring residents’ safety and comfort. This includes keeping all components of your condo complex’s security in proper working order, including:

  • Cameras
  • Common area entrance locks
  • Lighting
  • Additional equipment such as keypads, monitors, and more

Keeping security technology up-to-date is almost as crucial as keeping things in proper working order. Consider upgrading any older cameras or monitors to high-definition units, for example – it doesn’t do much good catching something (or someone) on camera if the old VHS tape it’s recorded to makes the image too blurry to make out!

Screen Residents & Workers

This almost goes without saying, but it’s important to ensure the people coming and going from your condo community are properly vetted and worthy of an entire community’s trust. This can involve not only conducting background checks on residents before they move in, but also on the people coming to work on your property. If your condo is hiring commercial services, confirm with the business owners regarding what level of background checks they conduct on their employees.

Perimeter Safety & Security

Finally, consider having security personnel conduct routine patrols around the property’s perimeter – especially when it comes to larger condo buildings or complexes. These personnel should not only address the security concerns, but should also help to identify any potential safety hazards before they become a real concern. You should also train your security personnel as to what steps need to be taken to address such issues, including any process related to documenting these safety and security hazards.

That’s why we believe that transparency and open communication are crucial for creating proactive properties where people love to live. When this happens, responsive conversations offer greater opportunities for impactful and cost-effective condo property management solutions. Even more important? It offers the opportunity for happier condo communities that are run by impactful condo boards!

Are you looking to toughen up security around your condo complex? Not sure how to take the first step when it comes to addressing safety hazards? Contact us at Catalyst Condo Management directly – we’re here to answer your questions!

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