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Amped Wireless High Power Touch Screen AC750 Wi-Fi Router (TAP-R2)

The TAP-R2 High power touch screen AC750 WiFi Router provides you the utmost range with just a touch and tap of your finger, it consist of 3.5” color touch screen display for processing effortless setup without depending on any other devices or sources.


How to setup Amped Wireless High Power Touch Screen AC750 Wi-Fi Router?

Location should be correct.

Before processing the setup for the router you need to make sure that the location decided to setup should be correct and should not be the one, where you find any connectivity issues as this may lead to interruption in your connections further.


Keep the range extender power on


  • First of all attached the given antennas
  • You need to plug the power adapter to the range extender’s PWR ports and attach the same to available power outlet.
  • Further you will find the logo for Amped Wireless as the unit opens up and then you will see the screen for Dashboard appearing.


Your dashboard will share the current status of your Range extender

You need to tap on SCAN to see the current networks available.

While setup wizard will reflect you the home network and Extend network.

In Home network it includes what we try to extend.

In Extended Networks in include the rebroadcasting and extending through Range extender.


Further you need to choose the WiFi network that you need to extend and then tap NEXT to process.

Also make sure that the network has a signal strength for more than 70%.

If in case you are unable to find any of the available network and your WiFistrength is less than 70% that means you’re your range extender is placed far from your Wifi Router. In this case you need to move the Range extender close to your WiFi router and click on Rescan and process again.

In this Range extender will detect the Signal strength for all the available networks. With the help of Scan you will be able to get the information regarding the Name of the networks (SSID)


Connect to a secure network:

If in case the selected WiFi Network that you wish to extend has security enabled then you will be requested to enter the security key and if you have not selected the secure network then they will not ask for any further details.


Further add the security key in the space given and you don’t have to check or choose what type of security networks there are, and once you are completed with filling up the details then TAP NEXT.

Once security key is added the wizard will scan the home network security settings and if in case you do not have any security key available for the extended network that you can process to go back with the back arrow to choose any other network.


Settings of Extended Network:

Further you will see the “Amped Tap-EX “ as a default SSID of the Range extender’s extending networks.

If you wish to create a copy of SSID and security Key of your home network than you can select “Clone”

You will find the SSID of the extended network as _RE at the end of its name.

You also have an option to add manual name and security key, you just need to make sure that it has at least 8 characters.

Now TAP NEXT to complete the settings.


Settings to be applied:

NOTE: Make sure you do not leave this page in any case

Once you have tapped on Next then sit back and let the progress bar to accomplish and once it’s completed the wizard will automatically divert you to the next step.


Finalize setup:

Seems like you have successfully configured the range extender now and your all the settings are saved.

If in case you have not located the range extender in the correct location than you must do the same at the same time.

In order to position the range extender you can securely power off the units as you can check you all the range extender settings are saved successfully.

Further, it is possible to attach  any wired network devices to the wired ports at the side of the Range extender.

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