SMALL BIG details of attaining citizenship in Ireland through investment

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SMALL BIG details of attaining citizenship in Ireland through investment

Investment is made for many purposes, and one of them is ‘investment to achieve citizenship. Yes, it is another side of the money world that can earn you a roof in another country. Ireland offers you this opportunity through investment. The world economy is quite advanced now, and countries are supporting to facilitate mutual development. Efforts are also given to provide better reach to the market by bringing investment and citizenship on the same platform.

How investment facilitates citizenship?

Ireland Investor Programme was started in 2012 to inspire wealthy business owners/individuals living outside the European Union to invest in Ireland. They can come with their families and can live there for a considerable number of years.

In reality, it is not the citizenship that a person gets but the right of residency for a specific time which can be extended for an uncertain time. In short, it is not about permanent residence but assured residence right if you can invest a massive amount.

Eligibility rights - Golden Visa is your route to residence right

A golden visa is issued through Ireland Investor Programme. Every investor needs to cross some gatekeepers to get the right to live in Ireland. The rules are –

  • The person should have a minimum net worth of €2 million, and that should be legally accumulated. The source of money should be possible to justify.
  • The financial background of the investor should be backed-up with all the necessary legalities. For instance, if the person owns a business, the proper registration details and documents should be there.
  • A good character is also a significant need to qualify for the golden visa. Presence of any criminal background can take the chance of attaining the visa. The rules are stringent and rational.
  • The investor needs to provide adequate evidence of successful investment in the country. This evidence needs to provide to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

What makes Ireland a promising place to invest

Your decision of investing in Ireland can never be regretful as the economy is progressive and has a great future to offer to the investors.

Following are the reasons you can consider to invest in Ireland –

  • One of the most adaptable places in the world for money makers.
  • Flexible government rules that make the investment secure.
  • Best in the world for offering higher incentives.
  • Most robust option in Western Europe.
  • Spot of renowned companies such as Twitter, Intel, Trend Micro etc.

Best investment options in Ireland

With lucrative features the investment products and options in Ireland, one can always stay sure that he will only get a pleasant experience.

  • Approved investment fund

This option demands at least €1 million for investment. The duration of this investment is three years, and it should be approved from the Immigration Ireland.  This choice is primarily focused on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The funds should be invested either through venture capital or private equity.

  • Enterprise investment

This choice also raises the need for a minimum of €1 million. The money can be invested through either a new business or in an established company. The company needs to be registered in Ireland, and also its headquarters should be in the country only. The investment should be able to create jobs at the local level.

  • Real Estate Investment Trust

The investor has to put money in an Irish real estate trust. REIT invests money in a pool of properties and gives an excellent return to the investors. The minimum amount required to spend here is €2 million. The minimum duration to keep money is three years. The person invested needs to keep the same number of share for three years that he/she purchased initially.

If you are looking for the best investments in Ireland, the above three provide a great opportunity.

What is the current scenario?

The current scenario draws a picture where one can see the number of rules. Businesses and companies are in loss after corona pandemic. The investment rules are a bit stringent, and the Ireland government cannot compromise on that part. However, there are undoubtedly good vibes because the administration and investors all over the world are working as a significant joint venture. The goal is only one, revival in the current condition.


The details above act as the first and the essential guide to those who want to enter in Ireland through investment and get citizenship. For anyone who puts the money, it is always a good deal to stay in the related country and get the maximum possibilities. It becomes easy to keep in contact with the latest opportunity and keep a close eye on the market.  However, the current situations are a bit stressful due to downfall in the international economy. But like every other renowned country, Ireland is also gaining back the normalcy.  

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