Some of the key features of Hotel Transportation Service in this automation world.

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Some of the key features of Hotel Transportation Service in this automation world.

Today, hotel transportation services applications have become essential for any hotel business. It saves you a lot of time and effort for your journey. From this application, anyone can order a taxi anywhere without any hassle, and also, drivers can register themselves. This hotel transportation services application has a lot more features that are easy to understand for anyone. On this application, the passenger can choose the car likes and another side driver has to accept the passenger's request. The hotel will provide a taxi service to the passengers so that the passengers will be more attracted. There are so many features of the hotel transportation services. Let’s discuss some features here.

Driver side features 


Drivers will quickly add the necessary details and request sign-in. Drivers can sign in for the application just by providing his/her minimal details and able to use application account-based features. drivers can sign in their account for some details provided by the Hotel.

Track & Pickup Passenger From The Location:

Drivers can track the pickup locations of users in realtime on the map with the estimated time to reach the pickup location. The driver will be able to set his current location and show the arrival time to the passenger. Live shows the driver's location and how far he is from the passenger. So that it is easy for both of them to find each other.

Driver Start and End Ride:

When the driver reaches the destination of the passenger, they have to slide to start the ride. You also have to slide to finish the ride when it is complete.

Detailed Payment Summary:

At the end of the ride, the driver will get a summary of the detailed payment of the ride with various details. also, both will receive an e-payment summary on the provided email. 

Passenger side features 

Track Driver Location and Take hold during traveling:

The passenger can track the current location of the driver. So they can estimate the time of the driver’s arrival.  during the journey, if any passenger wants to take hold for a particular time then the Hotel transportation services provide a chargeable hold. 

Choose a car:

The passenger can choose the car of his choice and according to their convenience. In which they will ride in which vehicle and how much money is shown from which vehicle. The passenger is also shown how many seats there are in the vehicle. 

Select your Ride city:

Passengers can book their rides from any city. Passengers can easily find and choose the city of their ride. After booking the hotel, the passenger can easily book a taxi in any city at his convenience.

Book your ride: 

Passengers can book a taxi through the hotel only after booking. Passengers can book a taxi with the booking id provided by the hotel.

Live Tracking and Emergency SOS Contacts:

Users can live track their whole journey with the navigation and estimated time to reach the destination place. Also, there is an Emergency SOS feature for security purposes. with the Hotel Transportation Service, Users can get immediate help from their nearest one in any kind of situation. Emergency SOS contacts are the most important part of any application to stay safe. 

Payment Summary:

After the journey is completed, the traveler gets to see the full details of his ride. In this detail, the passenger can see the details of his ride chargers, ride address, and driver. It can then also give a review and rating for the ride.

Admin side features: 

The feature helps business owners to look at every aspect of their business from passengers or driver’s registration to the payment process. they can see the total number of drivers, users, and country on the dashboard. Also, there are cms setting options so they can easily edit/update or delete the content.  also, they can add/remove the country. 

From the admin side, the admin can set the accept time of the request, they can see the reason for ride cancellation and payment. payment method can be added or deleted by the admin only.

There is a great need for Hotel Transportation Services nowadays. Swayam Infotech has partnered with and helped with many startups and businesses. You can contact Swayam Infotech to develop a Hotel Transportation Services and website, Either for your business startup or grow your existing business through its provided smart solutions and services. Also, Swayam Infotech has Hotel Transportation Services ready you can visit and you can schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion.


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