The different types of HVAC systems

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The different types of HVAC systems

The mechanical system of a house or building may include many things, but one of its most important parts is the HVAC unit. In order to make your building or house more comfortable and inviting, you will surely have to maintain the temperature, air quality and also keep humidity under control because no one wishes to feel like lying in the Antarctic or the Sahara Desert while relaxing at their house. 

Without a good HVAC system, you will end up spending a lot on your energy bills, and you will never be able to enjoy a pleasant stay during warm summer months or chilling winter days.

The HVAC system is very simple to use. When you want a bit of warmth in your room, then you shift the temperature scale up, and when you want a chilling environment, then you move the temperature scale down.

By the look of things, you might think that there is a single system that maintains the temperature, humidity, and IAQ of your house, but that’s not true. There are different HVAC systems installed in a house in order to make the indoor environment more comfortable. So, let’s go through the top HVAC systems that your house might need.

Humidity control system

Nobody likes humidity to spiral out of control in their house, and this is the main reason why many people opt for a humidifier, which is a part of the HVAC system. But both humidifier and dehumidifier don’t come baked right into the air cooling system; rather, they come as an option.

If you are living in a dry area, then including a humidifier with your air cooling system becomes crucial. According to the experts, you should have 50 percent relative humidity in your room because it is the most comfortable humidity level for humans.

The humidity control system will not be available in your house is equipped with a forced water heating system that comes with boilers, and this is where you might need professional HVAC service and HVAC preventive maintenance contract.

Heating and cooling split systems

These are the most common types of HVAC systems that you will find in almost all the houses and buildings. This system is basically divided into two units, the first unit is used for heating, and the second is used for cooling. This type of HVAC system is known to everyone because they contain both indoor and outdoor units, which are always on display.

The cooling unit is located outside, and it comprises a coil, compressor, and refrigerant that are used for keeping the air cool. So the external units of the heating and cooling split systems are basically ACs that are used during the summer season.

The inner unit consists of a heater that is mostly located in the basement of the house, and it utilizes gas in order to keep the house warm during chilling winter nights. Both units are a part of the HVAC preventive maintenance contract.

Duct free system

The duct-free system is also known as a mini-split system in many parts of the country, and they are another popular HVAC system. They surely include a large upfront cost, but the benefits make the expenses worth every penny.

The duct-free system includes separate units for every room, and thus the people living in the house have more flexible temperature control, which is a far cry from a centralized heating or cooling system. The units used in the mini-split system are usually mounted on the indoor walls, and the compressor is placed outside the house.

According to the HVAC professionals, a duct-free system is perfect if you are planning to add a completely new portion to your house or building since it will provide you independent temperature control.

Air filter and Air purifier

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality or IAQ has become more crucial as we spend most of our time indoors. Because of the increasing level of pollutants in indoor space, both air filters and air purifiers have slowly become an important part of the HVAC system.

An air filter filters the air, and one of the best examples of an air filter is the very popular HEAP air cleaner. Air filters are very easy to control, and they can help you in improving the IAQ by almost 50%. Just go for an HVAC preventive maintenance contract and get an air filter installed in your house.

While on the other side, the air purifier sanitizes the air by using ozone, negative ions, and heat. These emissions from the air purifier kill airborne pathogens that can cause long term sickness and allergy as well.

The three main aspects of the indoor environment are air quality, temperature control, and humidity, and all these three aspects are covered under the HVAC system. If you are able to control these three factors, then you will surely succeed in making your indoor environment more comfortable, inviting a healthy as well.

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