The Reasons why Packaging Design is an Essential Element of Branding

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The Reasons why Packaging Design is an Essential Element of Branding

All the known multinational companies we see today are recognized on the basis of their brand and their reputation in fulfilling the needs and wants of people in the most effective way. We live in a fast-moving world where startup companies are finding difficulty in entering a market, and famous companies are looking for ways to sustain and grow. Take, for example, the segment of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), which has become quite saturated over the years. While it is tough for business companies, on the other hand, the consumers are at an advantage as they have more options to choose from.

As an aspiring young entrepreneur, you may wish to start your own business and apply your knowledge and thinking to achieve success, but you need to consider quite a few things. In this tough business environment, there is little margin of error, particularly for startup organizations, so they need to efficiently utilize their resources and make full use of the opportunities that come their way.

How important is Packaging Design?

The first and foremost element that you need to focus on is the packaging design, which will be a true reflection of your brand and eventually enable success. The main goal is to create an eye-catching and incredible packaging design that can instantly grab the attention of the consumers and make them want to make a buying decision. There are studies and researches that suggest that in a grocery or superstore, a brand has almost 20 seconds to make an impression on a consumer. If a consumer is not impressed, he/she will not buy the product no matter how good the quality of the product may be.

The company can only put effort into using the best resources and making the ideal product for the consumer, but real communication is done through packaging design. There are many case studies where a product was quite good but failed to make an impact or become popular due to bland and uninspiring appearance. Apart from the design, you also need to consider the functionality, shipping, and storage capability of the packaging.

For a startup company, you may have a limited budget, but you can always employ services of a packaging company that excels in providing state of the art and exquisite packaging designs for consumer products. Traditionally, there was one size fit all in the packaging industry, and business companies also did not invest in changing the standards. But in the modern-day, custom packaging has changed the dynamics of the packaging industry and become the new norm.

What Advantage Does Custom Packaging Give?

The custom packaging from its name means the type of packaging where you, as a client, have the option to pick a design according to the requirement and specification of your product. The packaging companies use modern equipment to perform the various essential functions, from packaging to final printing. There is a creative and expert design team that is familiar with all the latest trends and use cool packaging design that can increase your brand appeal and visibility.

According to a recent survey, more than 40% of consumers would like to purchase again if offered customized packaging. Business companies should, therefore, invest in custom packaging for their products, which will not only authenticate the brand but also differentiate the brand from others in the market.

There is a new trend among many consumers who like to unbox a package and give a first hands-on review of a product, and then this review is shared across numerous social media platforms. The first thing that is discussed in such unboxing reviews is the packaging of the product and how well a company has put in an effort to meet the expectations of consumers. In a store, most of the similar products are lined up or placed side by side, and the first thing that will make customers buy your product is its packaging as it reflects what the brand is offering.

The custom packaging is a complete process that allows you to pick a design that can accurately depict the quality and value of your product and brand. The packaging company maintains a comprehensive database of their designs from which you can choose one or even send your own original idea or concept that you may have. A mock-up design is made according to size, shape, dimension, style, and color are given by you. The printing of custom-designed boxes will only begin once you approve the demo design.

The use of Packaging Material and Printing Options

The packaging companies allow you to choose the packaging material which depends on the type of product and mostly for light consumer items and food eatables Kraft material is used which is sturdy, flexible, long-lasting and eco-friendly. The rigid corrugated stock is used for heavy electronic products. But cardboard box packaging design is the most popular choice among business companies and even individual clients and customers as cardboard is cost-effective and durable. Once the design is finalized, and the packaging material is selected, then the next stage is the printing process. The packaging company uses innovative digital and offset printing technique that makes it easier to apply a specific design theme, vibrant colors, crafty artwork, and technical information on the packaging of the product.

The brand identity is the most important aspect of a startup business company, and the packaging design should portray a clear impression to the potential customers and connect on a personal level with the target audience.  The brand royalty is only built when a business company goes to every length to satisfy the needs and preferences of the customers. The package design layout should clearly display the brand logo, tagline, artwork, and colors, along with the necessary information about the product. The custom packaging is a diverse field and even allows a business company to redesign and revamp its packaging style and design. There is no one size fit all strategy, and if your brand has a stream of products, then different stylish packaging should be used for a variety of products. The important questions that must be considered during the packaging design from a consumer’s perspective are

  • What the product offers and who made the product
  • How to use the product and whether it has limitations or not
  • Where the product is made and how to know about other products of the manufacturer
  • The ingredients of the products and expiry date
  • Whether the product will fulfill the need in an effective way or not
  • Will the quality of the product and its appearance make me want to buy the product again or not?



The Elements to consider in Packaging Design

Business owners want to come up with an extravagant design, but not every design can be given a physical form as the practicality of the design also matters which needs to be functional and useful. The design is finalized considering the production, sale, delivery, and end-use of the packaging. The three primary functions that the packaging design must fulfill are

  • Protection: The main purpose of the packaging is to protect the product until the consumer gets to open it
  • Storage: Before the product is brought to the shelf it must be stored in the inventory, and only a sturdy design can ensure that product is safe for stacking and storing purposes              
  • Transportation: The product is moved from the production site to the warehouse, then to the shelf of a store, and finally in the hands of the consumer.

Many startup companies want to use custom mailer boxes but not familiar with the process. But in this modern digital age, you can design a packaging box online as nearly all the packaging companies have a user-friendly website where one can quickly enter design details or contact the company directly. The current trend in packaging is using a premium but sustainable packaging material with bright and flashy colors that instantly click with the customers. The font size depicting the name of the product and company also matters along with the color scheme. The design team will experiment with possible font sizes and colors and ask you whether it suits your product or brand or not. The packaging company also makes custom packaging affordable by offering a wholesale rate that reduces the cost of custom boxes considerably if ordered in bulk quantity.

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