The Relevance of Promotional Merchandise In 2020 And 4 Promotional Gift Ideas

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Publish Date : 2020-05-20 10:04:12

The Relevance of Promotional Merchandise In 2020 And 4 Promotional Gift Ideas

In the digitalized world today, most marketers have made online marketing their prime focus. However, the smart ones are reaping juicy benefits from the age-old tool of Promotional Merchandise Sydney

So, what is promotional merchandise? It refers to any product imprinted with the logo or slogan of your brand. Providing the potential or existing clients with gifts, with a hidden purpose to promote your brand helps to strengthen your ties with the customer. But it not only enhances your sales by improving brand awareness but also yields a better return of interest (ROI). 

Studies on Promotional Merchandise

When it comes to the efficacy of promotional merchandise, we do not want you to take our word for it. Instead, let’s dive into two very interesting studies on the promotional merchandise that will prove our point. 

•    A research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) in 2012 studied 15,000 participants who had received a promotional gift in the previous year. The study revealed the following 5 points – 

  • 66% of the participant could recall the brand from the promotional merchandise they received a year back. 
  • 79% of the people were likely to buy the commodities offered by the brands that sent them the merchandise.
  • The return of investment (ROI); thus, from promotional merchandise was equal to the ROI from a television advertisement, beating ration and outdoor advertising. 
  • 56% of the participants revealed that their impression of the brand improved after receiving promotional merchandise. 
  • 86% of the participants held onto the gifts for longer than a year.   

•    Another, more recent study was conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in 2016 which revealed the following on the effectiveness of Promotional Merchandise Sydney – 

1. Whether a person retains promotional merchandise depends mainly on the merchandise itself. While umbrellas were kept for above 14 months, hats saw trashcan in about eight months on an average.

2. The chunk of people hands down promotional merchandise, which included about 63% of Americans and 65% of Canadians). This means a single gift spreads out your advertising message to a lot more than one person.

3. 85% of customers remember receiving a hat or shirt from a brand as promotional merchandise. 

The promotional merchandise industry stands at a whopping $23.3 billion as revealed by the data from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in 2019. So, one can imagine that the booming market has an overwhelming ocean of products to choose. While we love options, one cannot deny that it can be quite a challenge to pick the perfect product to woo your customers and clients. So, here is a list of promotional products that are ideal for the present times. 

1.    Sanitizers 

In a world that is battling a virus which has stirred up a global pandemic, there is nothing better than a sanitizer as promotional merchandise; especially, given the sudden and acute shortage of this effective weapon in the market. You can find them in all shapes and sizes ranging from a pump bottle holding a litre of the disinfectant liquid to tiny keychains with a 5 ml mini punch for germs. Sanitizers are not going to lose their significance even after we recover from this global pandemic.
2.    Jute Bags 

One sure thing you get used frequently and attract a lot of attention to your brand is going to be a jute tote bag. Hence, most of us are aware of the detrimental effect of plastic on our environment, replacing the polymer monstrosity with a multipurpose bade made out of degradable and durable; therefore, natural fibres is the ultimate answer.   

3.    Stress Relievers Balls 

These squishy squeezy balls are not only great for improving attention but also have some noticeable physical benefits too. Stress causes the muscles to tense up. Squeezing the squishy ball work up those muscles and relaxes them. Moreover, they improve blood circulation and might help alleviate carpal-tunnel syndrome.  Thus, these stress relievers are great for those tapping away on the keyboard during the workday, or they are involved in a dexterous job. And in 2020 one can hardly find a stress-free person. 

4.    Candle 

Having spent months locked in our home we have indeed come to value the serenity of your houses. Creating a relaxed environment at your home can give you a sense of calm, even when things are going haywire outside. A scented candle is a great way to uplift the mood of the house, making it perfect promotional merchandise. And you may rest assured that your customers will remember you in a happy mood. They can be used even in the office cabin, when we all go back work, to create a cosy vibe. 

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