Top 10 heavy construction equipment names

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Publish Date : 2020-10-26 07:44:36

Top 10 heavy construction equipment names

While working on a construction project you need to have some kind of heavy construction equipment that will help you with the work that you are doing. Heavy construction equipment is necessary to get the job done safely and correctly.

There is a variety of used heavy construction equipment or even new which are available in the market or many online marketplaces.

1. Bulldozer

The most important construction equipment out there. Bulldozers are so-called tractors with continuous tracking and have wide metal-plates attached to the front. They can hold ground and can easily move on various terrains to be able to transport large volumes of soil, sand, and debris.

2. Boom lift

These lifts are used to transport heavy construction equipment in elevated projects and transport the equipment from top to the ground. They can also access confined spaces, the boom lift is the most common heavy construction equipment that is requested on many construction sites.

3. Excavators

As the name speaks for itself, they are used to move soil and earth materials during excavation, demolition, and trenching projects. They are operated through a hydraulic system that controls its front arm which has a bucket attached for digging and lifting purposes.

4. Skid steer loader

Commonly known as the bobcat, this equipment is light and can easily be controlled, it is mostly used for clean up purposes on the construction sites and to transport materials around the construction area.

5. Backhoe loader

These are also used for excavation purposes as they have a bucket attached to the front and a backhoe digging machine in the back. These are mainly used for civil earthwork projects.

6. Forklifts

These are powerful vehicles that are used for lifting and transporting materials in factories and warehouses. They are operated through their rear wheels and the front raising forks that can easily lift heavy loads making them ideal for construction buildings.

7. Telehandlers

Mostly used on sites where forklifts can not be managed easily. They have a long arm that makes it easier for them to place loads at higher vantage points along with large tires that allows them to work on off-road sites as well.

8. Scissor lift

These are aerial work platforms that are commonly used to elevate workers on the buckets that are elevated by several jacks. They are powered through electric as well as engine. Electric lifts are used in quieter work environments while the engine powered lifts are used in rough terrains.

9. Man lifts

They are commonly used to transport workers between floors of the buildings that are under construction, they are usually fitted with four wheels to roam around the construction sites easily but are sometimes stationary and need to be moved around on trailers.

10. Drum roller

This is a compact machine that is used to densify materials, soil, sand, and cement work. You can find many of these as used heavy construction equipment on sale in many markets.

Many companies manufacture these types of heavy construction equipment and can easily be found on many websites and construction warehouses without having to go to so much trouble.

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