Top 10 Local Business Directories to Add Your Local Business

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Publish Date : 2020-07-29 04:23:10

Top 10 Local Business Directories to Add Your Local Business

The local directories are playing a vital role in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. People used to go everywhere for all sorts of things but now they are bounded by the SOP by WHO. The situation has greatly changed the common way of doing business. A lot of businesses are struggling for survival but some moved to the business directories to explore better business opportunities. If you are looking for a startup, then the following business directories are a very good place to start.

Google businesses

It is one of the most used mediums to find business. You can use their local business directories to find all sorts of businesses listed on it. You can search a business name and it’ll find you everything about it including their business ratings and customer reviews.

Yahoo directories

You can call it probably the same thing as google businesses. It offers a wonderful opportunity for small business to show their presence. Whether a business is good or not you can use the ratings and customer reviews to decide it. It can even help you navigate as well.

Yellow pages

Is a widely used local solution for marketing. They bear heavy traffic daily and work in association with other companies such as TripAdvisor, Groupon to provide you the best possible content. Many of the small business owners have it as a permanent part of their marketing strategy.


This directory has more than 102 million customer reviews. It also hosts 21 million new visitors through mobile app and 69 million via web per month. That makes it a great place for businesses to show their presence to attract new customers.

Bing places for business

Bing is another great place for businesses. It is originally a part of MSN and hosts millions of users monthly. The process to register is simple. Start with making an account online and after that create your business profile and publish it.


It is a great business place. Or you might say for multinationals but you can find all the local businesses as well. They offer a detailed profile of businesses. It also offers a unique medium through which the customers and the potential talent both can find a business for their respective purposes.


Angie’s List

This is another huge directory to maintain your business presence. They now offer free access to the 700 categories of businesses. They have approximately 12 million visitors per month and over 10 million customer reviews.


These days you’ll find a profile of all local businesses on Facebook. They offer a unique service through which you can even add an immense amount of information to the profile. Since it is also a social media website it attracts all sorts of potential customers.

It has a huge amount of registered businesses database of about 16 million. The difference between them and the other directories is that they cover all of the zip codes all over us. You can also ask for quotes and request reservations for services.


It is a local online business directory that offers more than 20 categories. Since it attracts the local traffic, which makes it very favorable for small and medium-sized businesses. You can find business ratings as well as deals and discounts. They also offer a unique feature of sending scouts to check out the services.

Most people think that finding customers is the biggest challenge, on the contrary with the presence of such huge databases on free business listings finding someone reliable is even a greater challenge. All of the above listings are equipped with unique features that facilitate you in finding better services. The biggest tools used to do so are the ratings and customer reviews. It is like taking references from several people at the same time for a business.

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