Want to Read the Invisible Sentences?

Author : Billi How
Publish Date : 2020-12-13 11:14:19

Want to Read the Invisible Sentences?

The best books have invisible sentences - sentences you overlook, even if you keep reading it.

How many books have you reread?

And how many have you read more than five times?

Or ten, or 20?

If it's 'not many' then you're missing out - and this article won't make as much sense.

I was listening to a discussion between marketing legends Ben Settle and Ken McCarthy. They mentioned something they've each raised many times:

Don't just read amazing books, reread them. Because you're better off mastering a few amazing books than dipping your toe in many lukewarm waters.

And they mentioned something I've noticed too:

Even on your tenth read through, you'll notice sentences that you swear weren't there before.

Not just random filler sentences either. Sentences overflowing with valuable insights.

What was going on in your mind the other nine times?

Now, sure. For the first couple of runs through - assuming it's a great book that actually challenges you - you might be overwhelmed by the new ideas.

If the mere premise of the book leaves your mind spinning, you'll overlook a lot.

But by your third or fifth read, you know the premise backwards. It might still excite you, but it won't surprise you.

Even so, these invisible sentences will slip through your eyeballs.

What's the deal here?

Quite simply, you weren't ready for it.

You read the sentence, processed it and understood the grammar... but you didn't really get it.

Maybe you could say what that sentence means, but you haven't yet understood what it means to you.

How to apply it.

The right sentence at the right time carries inspiration, not just information.

It's the same problem with motivational quotes. If you're bored by the sentence "you'll find someone to love you when you learn to love yourself", then one of two things is true.

Either you already know that.

Or you're not ready for it.

Both feel mostly the same.

Both involve your mind glossing over it because it's not interesting.

And what's really strange is, if you were challenged on it, you'd say you know what it means either way. "Sure, love yourself, got it".

But then there's that rare moment when you're ready for it. Where you grok what it means, rather than know how to define it.

That's why inane (and, frankly, inaccurate) sayings like this echo through society.

When you need to hear it, simple words become raw epiphany fuel.

Now, I hope whatever you're reading over and over is little more sophisticated than 'love yourself'.

I hope it challenges you to think in new and better ways.

Above all, I hope you go deep with it. The better a book is, the more you miss on your first few readings.

So that's one way to enhance your life.

But if self-improvement really interests you, what would you do with more techniques than you can use?

Like, say, 60 of them?

Get your hands on Three-Score Navike - the comprehensive and easy way to grow and evolve - right here:

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