What is the actual role of an AWS Engineer?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-12 11:22:26

What is the actual role of an AWS Engineer?

An AWS engineer is an engineer who has detailed knowledge and excellent skills about AWS among cloud products. It is useful for designing the optimum architecture according to the requirements, building the infrastructure environment, migrating from on-premises to the cloud, system development on AWS, maintenance and operation.

With the development of cloud services, "AWS engineer" with the AWS certification in London is attracting attention as a highly demanded occupation.

Why the AWS Jobs are increasing day by day?

Here, the reasons why the number of AWS engineer jobs is increasing are that "the public cloud market is growing rapidly", "the transition from on-premise to the cloud is accelerating", and "AWS has a high share" can be mentioned.

  • Rapid growth of the public cloud market

A public cloud is a form of cloud that refers to a "system that covers the IT infrastructure required for organizational operation by renting it entirely from outside via a network."

The cloud computing market is a rapidly growing field, and the number of jobs for engineers who excel in AWS knowledge and skills, which are well-known, is increasing.

  • Accelerating the transition from on-premises to the cloud

With the development of cloud technology, corporate de-on-premise (putting server equipment etc. inside the company) is accelerating. By building a server on the cloud instead of on-premises environment, you can reduce costs and manage IT infrastructure more quickly and flexibly.

AWS engineers are a profession that is in line with that trend, and have become a valuable resource for many companies.

  • AWS has a high share

As mentioned earlier, AWS has a high share of 33% in the cloud field, and it can be said to be the mainstream in the public cloud. Inevitably, there will be many requests for projects and development on the premise of using AWS certification in Chandigarh, and engineers with experience in implementation and implementation will be required.

The presence of AWS is extremely high in the knowledge and technology related to the cloud, and it can be said that the AWS engineer who is an expert in this situation has a lot of work to do.

AWS engineer's job

The work content of AWS engineers can be broadly divided into three categories: design, construction, and operation.


The first job of an AWS engineer is to design virtual servers and storage on AWS, such as their operation plans, architecture, and management methods. If the company also has an on-premise environment, plan the introduction plan and operation method in consideration of the linked operation of the cloud and on-premise.


Build the infrastructure on AWS based on the designed requirements and specifications. It is the work of the AWS engineer, including programmable monitoring and monitoring after the start of operation. When engaging in such work, there are many cases where not only the cloud environment construction work but also the work design of the infrastructure engineer is done.


The role of the AWS engineer is also the maintenance and operation work for stable system operation on the cloud. In addition to daily maintenance and troubleshooting, we also write automation scripts. We will continue to improve the systems that companies need from new AWS products so that they can operate efficiently.

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