Why are retainers more important than braces?

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Publish Date : 2020-12-18 09:48:12

Why are retainers more important than braces?

You've probably seen a person take out his/her retainers when eating something. And Carefully places it in a plastic container to make sure that it's safe while they eat. You can imagine that this small plastic and metal mouthpiece is how much important to him/her. You might wonder why. Let's find out.

What's a Retainer?


A retainer is a mouthpiece of plastic and metal that is custom-made for each individual person who needs one. A retainer fits the top of the teeth and mouth.


Retainers are really general. In reality, most people (kids and adults) who have braces have to wear a retainer for at least a 2 months or more after getting their braces taken off. Other people also wear retainers to close gaps in their teeth, to help with pronunciation problems, or to determine certain medical problems. Bonded retainer, permanent retainer are the different types of retainers.

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Why Do You  Need to Wear a Retainer?


You may need retainers for the following reasons -


  • Retainers are important to wear your teeth stay set in their new positions after taking a braces treatment. If you have misshapen teeth then it can control this shifting. Which may occur naturally.


  • The retainer keeps the teeth in line and set position and you won't even discern it while you're sleeping!


  • Retainers can serve many mouth problems besides shifting teeth.


  • Another application of replacement retainer is to help people with temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Retainers can help you by restricting your mouth from closing completely at night, which keeps you from grinding your teeth.


Retainers cost reflects an average of self-reported prices given by orthodontists. It may include specialist fees, dental insurance cover fees, clinic fees, and depends on the location.

Clear Retainer, A type of Retainer


Clear Retainers are removable retainers that are designed to perfectly fit the new position of your teeth. That's why they are also known aS moulded retainers. To make clear plastic retainers it is formed, a mold of teeth is created with a thermoplastic. Clear retainers after braces can make you smile more with sharpened teeth.


It's important to take care of retainers. Most retainers will last for 2 years and ask the dentist about the details. Also, you may keep naturally clear retainers for teeth by some techniques.

How much is a Retainer?


  • Retainers cost may vary depending on the location, and a dentist that is going to do your treatment.


  • Clear Plastic retainers cost may vary $100 to $250 for one tray (upper or lower.


  • Invisalign retainer cost may vary from $100 to $599 per retainer.



A retainer is much important if you get braces treatment. Braces treatment can take 2-3 years but if you can’t put in a 2-6 month retainer then it may not be useful for you. Concern your dentist or Specialist about the process of braces treatment and how long braces treatment take? How much time you need to put retainers and other queries.


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