Why Food Gift Packaging Considered the Best Packaging for Shipping Food?

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Publish Date : 2020-09-01 09:07:48

Why Food Gift Packaging Considered the Best Packaging for Shipping Food?

Secure food transportation is one of the key aspects that every food brand and retailer looks in high-quality food packaging solutions. In this regard, cardboard and Kraft paper stocks made food gift boxes are found as an incredible solution. They are waxed inside and laminated with high-quality gloss, matte, and UV coating materials that make them outstanding to maintain the taste and quality of packaged food items by preventing them against toxicities, contamination, and environmental impacts. They can be found in a variety of designs, colors, styles, shapes, and sizes as they are efficient to be customized according to the packaging needs of the respective product. They also help respective brands and retailers to make their name in the market as they contain numerous customization aspects such as window cutouts, perforation, embossing and debossing, and out of the ordinary printing quality that makes them unique to make it easy for customers to recognize the respective brand.

It is an undeniable fact that particularly for food businesses, the role of packaging is very important in every aspect, from gifting to retailing and shipping. Food gift boxes are one of the finest examples of high quality and protective food packaging solutions, and they are playing a vital role in the shipping of food products. Here are some key features of these boxes that make the exclusive for food shipping as:

Enhanced Product Safety

Although every product needs protective packaging to reach the customers with original quality and functionality, however, the need for such packaging becomes very great when it comes to the transportation of food items. Custom food boxes are considered as an up to the mark solution in this regard. They are made with high-quality cardboard and Kraft paper stocks that are best known for maintaining the quality and taste of food products as, unlike other packaging materials, they do not emit any kind of toxic gases or chemicals that can damage the product quality and taste.

Furthermore, these boxes are incorporated with high quality inside and outside coatings that do not let the air enter the boxes to cause toxicity and decomposition of the food items. Apart from these aspects, they also contain product place holders and other inserts that keep the packaged food items in place and revoke their movement in the boxes during the shipping. That way, they play a great role in the secure shipping of food products.

Reduction in Food wastes

Being a protective food packaging solution, these boxes are also playing an important role in the reduction of the food wastes during the shipping and supply chain procedures. According to the reports about packaging’s impact on the environment, it has been realized that about 50% of fruits and vegetables, and 25% of other food products go in waste. It is just because of inadequate preservation and packaging certain other reasons, including the unconscious handling of food items while shipping. In this regard, custom food boxes can play a great role in reducing food wastes, as they are up to the mark in effectively preserving and maintain the freshness and taste of them in the course of shipping.

Marketing and Branding

These boxes are also best known for being a resource of secondary marketing and branding. A printed food box with a window not only helps in the secure shipping of food items but also provides an opportunity to respective brands and retailers to reach out to a massive number of customers throughout shipping. From the packaging of food items to shipping and delivery to corresponding customers, they come across a lot of people and make them aware of the respective brand and business.

Even if one wants to use food gift boxes for Christmas and other events to gift food items to beloved ones, they are up to the mark to make a better presentation of the personality of the respective individual and convey a great loving message to recipients.

Easy To Handle

Another key aspect that makes food gift boxes wholesale an essential solution for food product shipments is the ease of handling them during shipping and transportation. They hold printed instructions for handling, as well as can be customized in a way that they become easy for handlers to treat while shipping. One out of the main reasons that most of the time products get damaged while shipping due to their massive volumes and packaging without mentioning instructions for handling or having features to be treated effectively in accordance with the delicacy of the products. However, these boxes hold all such factors and features that can help handlers to treat the packaged food items accordingly and retain their originality.

Temper Indication

Willful tempering with food items in the shipping procedures encourages every food box manufacturer to add special features that can indicate the tempering if somebody tries to do so. In this way, not only food items remain safe from environmental and transportation impacts but also help food brands and businesses to maintain their customers’ trust and provide them with the best quality yet fresh foods.

Temper evident features of these boxes are not easy to replace and make it easy for brands to minimize the breeching opportunities.

An Environment-Friendly Solution

Nowadays, particularly in the food industry, the importance of green packaging is increasing rapidly, and exclusively customers demand packaging that should not cause any harm to environmental health and can be reused latterly. These cardboard made food gift boxes wholesale not only come inexpensive but also are up to the green packaging standards. Both printing and packaging materials used in these boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. This aspect of these packages not only makes them a profound solution for shipping foods but also helps them make a nature-friendly identity in the market and society and to attract environmentally conscious customers towards them.

Shipping securely and providing customers with fresh and original products should be the main aim of every food brand to stand out in the market. In this regard, the need for highly secure and effective packaging solutions becomes great, and food gift packaging up to the mark in this respect. These stated benefits and features of these packages are sufficient to help one understanding why they are best for food shipping.

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