Why Private Jets Are Gaining Fame During COVID-19?

Author : HazelRyan
Publish Date : 2020-11-25 12:41:49

Why Private Jets Are Gaining Fame During COVID-19?

It’s no secret that most of us could never afford the luxury of getting ourselves in a private jet. However, the recent circumstances have rendered us either stuck inside or with the choice to spend more to travel in style. Although some people would like to cut the costs a little and be willing to compromise on the luxurious aspect, it’s still mandatory to have the least amount of people and provisions on board. Following various safety precautions other than the COVID-19 measures, private jets come equipped with state of the art amenities and facilities that are nothing less than an opulent private penthouse.

As per recent reports and surveys, it has been noted that most people who were stuck at home and couldn’t travel are now showing an interest in chartering private flights. Air charter companies in Dubai are also offering affordable listings for people who are interested in getting themselves one. Where some would like to buy a plane for themselves, some are also looking into the possibilities of renting one out for their transportation. While there are advantages and cutbacks on both options, it still doesn’t change the fact that private jets are gaining a lot of attention and interest from people around the world.

Safer to Travel

Primarily, private jets are seen as the luxury for only the wealthiest. People always assume that these are dedicated flights for celebrities, royalties or the richest businessmen. Although the reality was similar to these notions for quite some time, the groundbreaking circumstances that we face today have changed our perceptions along with everything else.

There’s no denying that private jets, as the name shows, offer you a private ‘residence’ of sorts, as it’s more than just a transit vehicle. Since you or few of your fellows are the only passengers on board, it’s hard to see any implications of danger or harm. This is something that is also being allowed by countries and their embassies as well. You might not be able to get a normal flight to somewhere. However, if you have a private one, you just might be able to convince the embassy to let you in.

Provided that you’re following all the established and recommended precautions along with tests showing no signs of the virus, you can safely travel around the world without having to go through multiple channels for clearances.

Luxurious and Eloquent

The most famous thing about private jets is that their interiors are nothing less than the royal presentation you can witness in any palace. Resembling the top floor of a 7-star restaurant or the bedroom of the finest penthouse, private jet interiors can vary while retaining the aura of the world’s finest luxuries.

Whether you get one of the private jets for sale or book one to rent, you’re bound to find yourself in the embrace of classy décor and an interior that makes the whole plane feel like home. From top-tier meeting rooms with the finest furniture to the most comfortable and elegant bedroom settings, private jets can be equipped with anything you prefer.

Access to Remote Locations

Some of the world’s most exotic and remote locations can be accessed by private jets. In fact, there are some places and spots that can’t be accessed by anything but a private flight. Examples of such locations can be:

  • Telluride in Colorado

  • Explora Patagonia in Chile

  • Tiwi Islands in Australia

  • Nimmo bay in Canada

  • Necker Island in Birth Virgin Islands

  • Buzios in Brazil (also called St. Tropez of Brazil)

  • Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica

  • Calivigny Island off the coast of Grenada

  • Jackson Hole in Wyoming

  • Lanai in Hawaii and many more.

Having a private jet is not just a luxury. You’ll require one in order to be able to visit these locations since there is no land or sea route. Some of these localities are so up high and surrounded by unclimbable mountain ranges that your only option is to land a jet in the cosy runways. It’s crucial to note that due to the sensitive nature of the journey, it’s best that you take a well-trained and professional pilot with you. The best-case scenario can be with a pilot who’s been to the area you wish to go to. You can always find experienced pilots along with private jets to rent out. 

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