Is Granite Strong Enough to Withstand Hot Objects?

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Publish Date : 2020-06-22 12:04:28

Is Granite Strong Enough to Withstand Hot Objects?

Granite is one of the best worktop materials for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Many homeowners choose this worktop stone due to its subtle colour choices and durability. However, some people still doubt its heat resistance. In this article, we will be debunking these myths about this durable countertop material. 

Granite is Highly Resistant to Heat

If you ask about the heat resistance of granite to any retailer in the UK, you’d be surprised to know that they will say it has good heat resistance. It’s not just to sell their product but it’s true. 

Granite, being the natural stone, is made from cool and compressed lava rocks that keep its melting point around 1215-1260˚C. This means if you place event hot pans/pots on its surface, it won’t be affected in any physical way. To put it straight, granite kitchen worktops direct don’t show any signs of damage when it comes in contact with heat or any hot object. But if this practice continues daily, it could be at the risk of chipping over time or might even get discoloured or start appearing as full at the place you place hot objects constantly. 

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You may have also noticed that granite surfaces are quite cool to touch and as soon as you place anything hot on its surface, it does get temperature shock that may cause cracking. But this does not happen the very first time. It would happen if you continuously follow the same practice. 

The granite cracking happens only when there are extreme temperature changes constantly. For instance, if you place an ice bucket on a worktop and after that set a boiling hot water pan on the same spot without allowing granite to warm up a little, it is likely to crack. It is similar to stainless steel warping or glass cracking due to sudden change in temperature. However, when it comes to regular cooking, granite worktops direct will remain durable forever. 

But as a precautionary step, homeowners must install hot pads or pan stands with metal insertions onto the countertop to keep the hot objects away from the surface. You can even remove these metal stands for cleaning after some time. 

Why Granite is Heat Resistant?

Homeowners must not worry about the heat impact on the granite surface, as it can take up the heat to some extent. This is because this igneous rock is processed under extreme heat and pressure conditions during slow magma crystallization under the Earth’s crust. 

The hot fluid during the crystallization process ranges from 1,300 degrees to 2,400 degrees while creating lava, granite and other igneous rocks. Moreover, the granite’s composition of feldspar, quartz and other minerals gives it the natural colour. Now you know that it is made under extreme temperature conditions, it’s likely to withstand the heat without cracking or damaging its surface. 

Other Durable Features of Granite

The natural stone, granite, is known to be one of the strongest worktop materials for a reason. Besides being resistant to heat, it also has a hard surface that won’t scratch easily. If sealed properly, granite can even last for many years, as sealant helps in protecting the surface against stains.  

Some well-treated and high-density granite slabs also don’t need any resealing for decades while others require resealing annually. With natural granite, you can have peace of mind considering that this surface can withstand any wear and tear in your busy kitchen. 

No matter what design, colour or pattern you choose, granite does need some care. It is essential to seal its surface regularly to make it stronger, as well as heat and stain-resistant, for years to come. 

When it comes to regular usage in the kitchen, you need not worry about cracking or damaging the granite worktop with hot pans/pots. With regular sealing and maintenance, the granite worktops can withstand daily abuse for several years. 

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Is Granite Strong Enough to Withstand Hot Objects?

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