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There is something special in all of us, which we often love to flaunt by the choices we make. Ranging from the dresses we wear to the writing font and style we prefer, everything is a choice. This choice influences our social media presence too, where we put a bio to describe ourselves. While some people prefer stylish fonts for social media bio, some like it simple. Here, we will discuss about the 15 best fonts for social media bio profile for you to choose and incorporate.You can easily copy-paste these fonts free from any social media font generator.

Interestingly, everyone’s handwriting is different than the other and there is a practice in Psychology named Graphology, which analyses human handwritings to determine the personality traits of an individual. If our handwriting says so much about us, why can’t the fonts for social media posts or bio? After all, social media bios are all about describing our exclusivity!

So, without any further delay, let’s proceed to these different fonts for social media from the basics to the aesthetic fonts.

  • 15 Exclusive Fonts For Social Media Bio To Try:
  1. Helvetica: This one is the most favourite of graphic designers across the globe. Stylish and easy to read, it looks good in any size. Hence, Helvetica makes one of the best fonts for social media posts and bio.
  2. Novecento: It uses high stroke and shape to make any text the centre of attention. This is why Novecento is one of the most popular fonts for social media icons, especially the ones branding for designer merchandise.
  3. Cursive: Those who prefer the curvy style of writing will definitely love the cursive family of fonts. Creative and stylish, these fonts can make any social media bio look exclusive. One can easily search for a cursive font from an online cursive font generator.
  4. Montserrat: Some designers call it hybrid font because it takes essence from multiple other popular fonts. This one can merge with other fonts well and therefore, was one of the popular choices in social media fonts 2019.
  5. Italic: This one is among the most popular choices when it comes to highlighting a word, space or a sentence. We all know how cool italic fonts look and it’s time to use it in your bio.
  6. Bold Italic: A variation of the traditional Italic font, this one looks perfect when you want to emphasise something on the bio.
  7. MonoSpace: With a semiformal approach, MonoSpace is one of the best fonts for social media. It is also called a fixed-pitch.
  8. Vaporwave Text: Writing headlines can be a tricky part while creating your bio. Not anymore when you find this amazing style that uses space between letters.


  1. Old English: Old is always gold and when it comes to the Old English font, it makes one of the best choices of writers and readers.


  1. Middle English: A variation from the Old English font, this style is a little on the bolder side and can look good in captions in a bio.


  1. Scriptyfy: We all have learnt the script handwriting in childhood and the Scriptify, as one of the cool fonts for social media, can be the ultimate choice for calligraphy lovers.


  1. Comic Sans: As a part of the greeting cards, this font is quite popular. It is preferred by mostly the teenagers or creative people alike when it comes to writing social media bio.


  1. Greek: Quirky is always fun and if you are looking for a bio font style that will complement your charming persona, this one makes a perfect option. In fact, it is one of the best fonts for Instagram quotes.



  1. Symbols: The ultimate choice of punk icons, this one is among the best fonts for social media visuals.


  1. Upper Angles: It is widely used by the social media influencers for writing a creative introduction to the bio. It also looks cool as a social media logo.


  • Fonts for Social Media Bio Profile FAQs:


  1. How do you put different fonts in your Instagram bio?

The process is quite easy as all you need to do is copy and paste the text in any text generator website such as the https://www.textgeneratorguru.com/. These websites allow you to Instagram bio font copy and paste for free.

  1. What should I write in my Instagram bio?

Writing Instagram bio depends upon which elements you want to highlight. You can write a brief description of yourself highlighting your profession, passion, hobbies and more. Also, some people like to write a word, a phrase or a favourite quote that reflects their personality.

  1. What font should I write my CV in?

Writing a CV with formal fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel, Georgie, Bell MT, Goudy Old Style, Garamond etc. is a common practice. These fonts are easily available. For creative fonts, you can search online for fancy text generator, cool text generator, small text generator, weird text generator and many more options as per your choice.

  1. What is a good professional font?

Times New Roman has always been a good professional font. There are many more as well like Ariel, Georgie, Bell MT etc.


Now that you know everything about the common and uncommon cool fonts for social media, give your bio some fresh air by choosing them wisely. To know further, feel free to get in touch with us. We, Text Generator Guru, feature a renowned social media font generator tool online that has an extensive collection of fonts for social media.

To find your most favorite font online, all you need to do is visit our website https://www.textgeneratorguru.com/. You will be spoilt for choices as there is a plethora of useful fonts, from basic to aesthetic. Then, you can copy-paste your text and select the font of your choice. Finally, copy-paste it to your social media profile and you’re done! So, why wait anymore? Make the most of our font generator tool for your social media bio and posts today.

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