4 designer tips: How to Decorate a Living Room

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Publish Date : 2020-05-25 05:52:30

4 designer tips: How to Decorate a Living Room

Living room is the most energetic place in your home. It is full of activities, fun and conversation. A family spends its major part of the day here, especially during holidays and on weekends. It becomes a perfect spot for weekend parties; something that is so much in use deserves to look beautiful, impressive and better in every sense. Its overall look should be impressive should be convenient.

Here are 5 designer tips to decorate your living room and bring new life to it -

Keep the colours light

Lighter shades give an elegant feel to your place. Bright colours are not wrong, but if it is about a place where you spend most of your time, after some days the bright colours may look annoying. s Make your living room wear lighter shades.

After a hectic day, you come back to your place, and then your eyes should get a calm feel. Bold hues may not soothe your strained brain. Neutral colours like light grey, white, cream are best, but you can also get a bit quirky with lighter shades of other colours like light purple, ocean green, sky blue etc.

Reflect your personality

Gone are the days when people used to chase the interior designing styles of their neighbours or relatives to show that they are better. Nowadays, people are quite confident about their ideas of interior decoration. They want to reflect their personality in every corner of their house and living room is the best place for that. It gives the chance to let people know who you are and what is your nature.

It also helps to justify and establish the fact that you have your little world and personality that is not impressionable. It will help if you try the same thing while decorating your living room. Show the most visible part of your nature through the paintings on the wall. The furniture, colour and home textile, everything should be according to your choice and personality.

The simplest thing is just to be yourself and express it through your talent. Even the professional interior designers suggest that people should make their place where the Identity of their personality.

Make the space look spacious

Small space of the living room is one of the most common issues that people have. Do you also have a living room that is quite small? It is easy to understand your frustration to have a squeezed place as the essential part of your home. However, don't worry, there are ways to make the area look better, for example, always pick the light furniture because bulky furniture makes space look more cluttered.

Embrace minimalism by keeping only a few crucial things like sofa, table and maybe that is all. The idea is to keep less number of things to make space breathe. The strategy of light colour in the living room will work here effectively because lighter shades on the wall make the living room look spacious and big.

Learn the rug rules

Rugs are the vital elements of home decor, and the living room needs them to give a predictable personality. But there are some rules that you need to follow while you buy a rug for your home.

  • Do not purchase a small rug as your aim should be to cover the big part of the room to make it look sophisticated.
  • Try the double layer style, which means you can spread a small rug on a bigger one, but both should be different in design. Try to keep the bigger one neutral in colour and simple in looks.

It is perhaps not a very good idea to buy something gleaming because that does not go well with every mood that your place experiences on different days. Something applicable in every condition and season should be picked.

The clear message is.....

With a lack of knowledge about the essential home decor tips, it can be challenging to decorate your living room. Especially with less interest in home decor, it may sound like rocket science to pick the right stuff.  But, don't worry; when it comes to houses, every kind of support is available online. You do not need to wander from one shop to the other. After all, things are so easy now, if you can check online mortgage website for the significant purpose of home buying then why not for home decor?. Surely you will have plenty of options. With the help of virtual world on home decor websites, you can even try the 3D view of a particular type of living room style.

Just for few days invest all your efforts. Then you can make your living space live with energy, prosperity and smile that you and your family deserve.

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