5 Earthquake Safety & Preparedness Tips

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5 Earthquake Safety & Preparedness Tips

5 Earthquake Safety & Preparedness Tips

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can happen anytime. In some countries, the scale of earthquakes is intense. The “Ring of Fire” surrounding the Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest earthquake belt. It is a scary example of the level of destruction an earthquake can bring.

An earthquake can jolt residential areas and commercial zones. Millions of dollars stand at risk in earthquake-prone zones. It is important to know the safety and precautionary tips to protect oneself from the colossal loss that an earthquake can bring. Here are the steps to help you learn how to prepare, survive, and recover from earthquakes. One can consider remodelling home in such cases.

1. Carry out a History Check of the Trembles in your Place

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The first thing to know is whether you stay near an active fault line. Find out the vulnerability of the place to the earthquake. Check the tremor history of the place and the frequency of earthquakes in your area at earthquaketrack.com.

Keep yourself in the knowledge of seismic hazards that an earthquake can activate. Living on steep hills, poorly constructed buildings and an ocean shore can trigger a quake, causing injuries and damage.

2. Reinforce Your Place of Habitat


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If you live or work in a high-risk area, take urgent steps to reinforce and secure the place. Most earthquake injuries happen because of the movement of goods in the building. Earthquake bracing helps keep a structure standing and increases the capacity of the building to endure seismic activity. Secure moveable items to the wall as much as possible. Invest in wall fixtures for bookshelves and cabinets. It will help cut the risk of furniture and objects falling on and injuring the inhabitants.


3. Create a Disaster Management Plan

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Preparing for an earthquake can help reduce the looming physical and mental trauma. Work on a disaster strategy to save you and your family from the imminent loss. Put together an adequate-size emergency kit that should contain the following necessary items in case of a quake–water, non-perishable food, first-aid box, medication, toiletries, flashlights, extra batteries, blankets, pet supplies.            


4. Outlive a Quake through Survival Methods

A high-intensity earthquake may still ruin your survival plan. Use quick-witted ways to help avoid drastic harm. Stay away from movable items like shelves, furniture, and overhead cabinets. Switch off gas lines or any other inflammable products at home. Wear sturdy shoes to prevent slipping on the floor due to water spillage or glass breakage. Run outdoors to prevent any physical injury from goods. When the tremors are on, avoid a forceful rush or exit from the room.       


5. Recovery Tips to Restore Life After a Quake

An earthquake is not a single tremor. More tremors may follow with different intensity and frequency. Applying foresight can help lessen the impact of the loss. Click photos and videos of the damage caused because of earthquakes at your premises. It will help you get earthquake insurance coverage from the policy. Start first-aid for any wounds or injuries you may have suffered at the time of the earthquake. Examine power-driven wires, chimneys, utility appliances, and sewage lines in your house to know their working status.        

Earthquake Safety Plan

Nothing can replace the importance of a stay-in-place safety kit. It is the key to safety during an impending earthquake. Let us find out the safety measures in this promising plan.

  • Find the safe zones in each room at your home.

  • Get each family member to perform “Drop, Cover, Hold On.” It means whenever the Earth shakes, get down on the ground, cover your head under the table or a desk, and hold on to this position till such time, the shaking stops.  

  • Evacuate the place to prevent further damage.     

Extra Tips to Respond to Earthquakes

Here are some urgent protocols to follow that will help you put up a brave front to an earthquake-related mishap.    

  • Keep clear of the windows at the time of a quake. The window glass is prone to shatter from the jolt.    

  • Avoid standing under objects like a book rack that can fall on you at the time of a quake.

  • If you are in bed, cover your head with pillows. If you are in an open area, stay far from trees, buildings, power lines, and inflammable objects.

  • If you are in a high-rise building or school, use the stairs, not the elevator.            

  • Notify your insurance company agent immediately after the quake to hurry the process of the earthquake damage claim.

  • Keep an Earthquake Emergency Kit ready with you. The survival supplies will keep you and your family disaster-prepared.  

  • Decide how you will communicate and with whom in an earthquake-ready situation.


Global warming and misuse of the Earth increase the risk of landslides, structural damage, and earthquakes. With our minds occupied with different tasks, precautions and safety are the last things we pay attention to.  

Follow the steps above to prepare for an earthquake and keep your family safe by being a little proactive.  


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