5 Purchasing Tips for Body Stockings

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Publish Date : 2020-06-19 07:47:12

5 Purchasing Tips for Body Stockings

If you don’t already know, bodystockings are one-piece garments that cover your whole body. These pieces of garments cling onto your body, just like when you put your leg and a pair of pantyhose. Just like this, body stockings cover your shoulder to your feet. However, choosing bodystocking is not as simple as it sounds.

Just like everyone has different curves, body tone, pantyhose should fit ideally for everyone. The same goes for bodystocking. It should stretch comfortably so that your whole body is comfortable throughout the day. You can not miss out on the stretchability of body stocking for your body. In this article, we will suggest you let considerations you need to have while purchasing bodystocking. Let's go through the list and take out the most crucial awareness insights. 


The Considerations

  • Material

It's fundamental for anyone to look for good quality material in bodystocking. It is typically made with lace, fishnet material, or sheer mesh. Lace bodystocking is usually linked with fishnet or keyholes. It's because lace as a material is not expected to expand. 

When we talk about sheer bodystocking, it's one of the most challenging types for you to fit into. The holes are smaller compared to any other kind and can suffocate your body parts. If you have a curvy body type, do not go for the sheer bodystocking. If you can choose the material, you should also know the right size. Your size might differ according to the material you choose.

When it comes to fishnet bodystocking, your original size might be the ideal one. The types mentioned above need some tweaks while choosing the size. 

  • Your body shape

As mentioned above, if you have a curvy body, do not go for sheer bodystocking. The same goes for other types as well. You have to feel confident in your body type. If you want to show off your favourite asset in the body, go for a separate piece. For example, if you love your breasts, we recommend a smaller than usual size. And if you love your waist, and your hips, look at the side cuts. 

If you do not feel very confident with your body, two-piece bodystocking is also an option. In the end, you should look confident in your body type. And you can do it by making some changes to the size of your bodystocking. 

  • Colour

Obviously, if you’re buying clothes, you need to consider the colours. However, this consideration is a bit different when it comes to body stockings. You need funky and fun colours while not going too overboard with it. Sometimes, rainbow printed bodystocking can go wrong depending on The placement. So, it's recommended to try them on first and then go for the colour.

Neon colours are also in trend nowadays. However, if you go with neon, choose your accessories very wisely. Sometimes, with brighter colours, your accessories also have to be changed to find the right placement. 

  • Neckline

The construction of your bodystocking is incorporated with a significant inseam with the neckline. Since necklines are meant to cut you right above the breast, it has to be perfect. A straight line is not always the best option. Sometimes, you have to take a dip with your neckline and style your bodystocking accordingly. While a straight neckline compliments a woman with a smaller bust, you can go with complex ones if you feel more confident with your breasts. 

  • Graphics

When it comes to graphics, women seem to love the statements given by their bodies talking. They can be a make-or-break for how you look in your single piece of garment. If you go for the deep v-neck, we recommend you going with simpler graphics on the stocking. Sometimes complex ones look too overboard while some women might know how to carry them and look appealing in the same. 

You can also opt for stockings that slip over your legs and make a smooth continuous line. Small lines can look better for smaller women while you can gradually take them on a higher level if you think you are curvier, and it accentuates your body. 

If you are out there to buy bodystocking online, it’s time to consider all these aspects to nail your appearance wherever you go. You need to know your body to the fullest and then pick one only after trying them on. Many online retailers give you an option to replace and return. Make full use of that feature and look classy. 

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