7 Smart Tips For Choosing a great Domain Name

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Publish Date : 2021-02-09 05:56:15

7 Smart Tips For Choosing a great Domain Name

A domain name is not just an address, but an identity and so much more. It serves as a great brand recogniser, and anchoring tool. Think of how you recall quirky named brands or interesting domain names, and even funny user names on social media. A good domain name has exactly the same effect.

But today is a world of plenty. And you can find most of the decent domain names taken. How do you choose the right domain name that conveys your business and brand identity spot on? Experts offering premiere Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad say that here are a few factors that they consider when they suggest effective domain names to their clients.

Don’t complicate the name

Users and visitors won’t say the domain name out aloud or type the URL in many cases, and they will probably visit it through a link. But if your domain name is long, and complicated the first thing you are conveying to the visitor is not mystery but unprocessability. This is centered around a concept called processing fluency which is essentially how fast your brain processes things at first glance.

The faster, the better. This can be done through easy relatable things, or you could get daring and try trigger processability through something else. Consider the domain beardo.com – it instantly invokes images of a beard and being weird in a positive way.

Don’t make it too long, too hard to remember or spelt differently even for numerological reasons. Domain names that don’t make the person go “oh that’s too much to remember” perform poorly even in business terms.

The rule is simple – be easy to find. Google will help your customers find you.

Choose the right domain extension

Being unique is good, but not when it comes to extensions. .com is still the most popular and relatable extension. If you are a geography specific brand or business you could use the country based extension like .in or .my.

But stay away from .pro or .cool or .gop (yes! It exists) as tempting as they sound.

Don’t make it too short

While a short domain name is desirable, don’t use abbrevations or shorten it too much.

The key to it like everything else is balance. Choose a domain name that isn’t too long or too short.

Look at countrymagazine.in against countrymag.in

Trademark Violations

The perfect domain name is unique. Piggybacking on popular brands might drive confused traffic, but if off-putting. You could also put your business at the risk of getting caught up in legal battles with changing laws on trademark infringements. Its better be safe than sorry.

Also, should you consider expansion, chicwardrobe.in is a better option than zaraaaa.com

Modify only if necessary

So you have found the perfect domain name for your business but it is already taken? It is nothing like your business or even non-functional but is just unavailable? There is no harm n trying to add a suffix or a prefix to modify it a bit or choose a different extension, professionals from the best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad advise.

But this is only after you consider and consult everything other option.

Use keywords wisely

Yes, keywords in your domain name can have the necessary effect in terms of relatability.

But don’t get tangled in using too many key words

Imagine bestproteintobuildmuscle.com against perfectprotein.com

Sounds like spam and scam, doesn’t it? Avoid using keywords that are too generic -they no longer provide the same SEO advantage either.

It isn’t a name – It is a brand

A domain name is your company’s digital face. It is a shortened brand speak. And how do you convey all that your brand stands for in one small URL?

Make sure your domain name conveys how your brand is unique, by being simple and quick to recall. Don’t use overtly long names and hyphens or punctuations. Keep it simple, short and sweet. References to pop culture, classics, nostalgia or everyday things is a wonderful idea.

These tips will help you choose a good domain name for your website. A great domain name will help you set the tone for your business, and even help it grow and thrive.

Your URL is the first thing visitors will notice when they visit your website. It can make a lasting impression and remember that EMDs or exact match domains are no longer a necessity. So get creative, and help your visitors find you. Afterall, there is a lot in a name!

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