8 Top Tips and Secrets to Winning Scratch Cards

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Publish Date : 2020-08-07 10:32:11

8 Top Tips and Secrets to Winning Scratch Cards

Do you want to have some fun with scratch cards and earn some quick cash? Similar to the lottery, these cards are based purely on luck. But there are still some ways that can improve your chances of winning. It isn’t any rocket science, and in fact, the way it works is quite simple. You can buy scratch cards from any local convenience store, then try to scratch off the foil to reveal the prize money. It might mostly be a small amount, but you do get a big prize at times too.

So, never give up right away. Before you buy a scratch card, you should do one thing: read more about the game you will play before buying the cards.

How to Research about Scratch Cards?

To make buying lottery tickets and these cards more alluring and tempting, the state lottery websites usually publish the relevant information and which particular scratch and win prizes are still available. So, you might even have a chance that someone might have bought a winning ticket but maybe didn’t redeem it yet. Therefore, checking the lottery website before buying will provide you with the best odds of a big win.

Buy in Bulk

Whether you have decided to buy ten cards at one go or take the whole roll for yourself, keeping your eye on one specific game’s prize will enhance your odds of hitting the big win. Thus, you should buy as many cards as you can afford in one time. Ordering one card at a time isn’t a great option. Try to buy as many cards as your budget allows as then you have a better chance to win.

Choose the Store Wisely

Most of the lottery and scratch-off enthusiasts have their own set of beliefs and superstitions when it comes to the place to purchase their cards from. But it’s always advisable to choose a store that doesn’t see a lot of action so that you have a lesser crowd standing between you and cash.

Don’t Buy the Cheapest Cards

There are a mind-boggling number and types of scratch cards available these days. It sounds beautiful and straightforward – as you can scratch and win. It can be a tough decision on which ones to choose with so many different prices, designs, attached prizes, and brands. People are mostly tempted to pick the cheaper tickets and as that is affordable and maybe you can buy a number of these then. However, the cheaper ones are cheap for a reason. The final prize pool is also lower. It’s always better to buy a few higher-priced scratch cards than buy multiple cheaper ones. Quality over quantity applies here too.

Read the Fine Print

Check the fine print before buying any scratch-off cards, as usual, the makers put the rules on the back of these cards. If you read carefully, you can find out how to get the best odds and accordingly buy the tickets that are most likely to win. Remember, this is a game of chance, and it’s better to go for the card that has better odds.

Check the Odds

The odds might seem to be a secret, but they’re not. They are printed just on the back of every card or ticket. You can even ask the store cashier to help you decipher it before you purchase the cards. So, check and opt for the games that seem to have better odds.

Keep Your Old Tickets with You

At times, you might feel that you have lost on a specific scratch card, but you should still not throw it away. Wondering why? You might find out that you made a mistake in some scratch card. In some other cases, the jackpots were never won, so the manufacturer might request the people with losing tickets to pick the best loser. So, to be on the safe side, don’t be the one who didn’t keep the winning ticket!

Play Them Just Like Slots

Thought you might not have that much time but hang around an outlet that sells the scratch cards for some time. How about starting a conversation with the cashier or storekeeper or talk to the vendor if they remember any winning tickets being bought recently. Try your communication skills here and be subtle; you never know that it could be the key to your big win.

Scratch cards are widely available at various convenience stores around the world. Though you cannot win every time you play, if you’re smart and have gained experience, you surely can increase the odds of your winning.

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