A Quick Guide to EPG for Channel Programming

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Publish Date : 2020-05-22 10:04:02

A Quick Guide to EPG for Channel Programming

The rampant technological advancements of the 21st century brought the joys of watching television to millions of souls around the world. The logical next step in this evolution is the inclusion of IPTV and streaming services, and here enters our friend EPG for channel programming.

Who needs EPG?

EPG or Electronic Program Guide is the depiction of a channel's programming schedule, plain and simple. It is the thread that brings the viewers nearer to their favorite shows. It is the place where the viewers get their first meeting point with all the shows on hundreds of channels on their TV screen. It is thus, one of the most crucial aspects in the television or entertainment sectors, needed by everyone.

What are pre-requisites for EPG?

When talking about a proper EPG, one need only focus on these parameters-

-The accurate listing of programs/shows

-A software showcasing these programs

-Additional features to keep up with the changing times

Viewers need to and want to know about which programs they can watch at which time and the standard for bringing this information to them in real-time is a straightforward process thanks to the Electronic Program Guide.

How is EPG changing?

Once upon a time, the world was black and white, at least on TV. There was a single channel, then came a slew of channels and cable TV, and today we are immersing in a sea of OTT or streaming services, IPTV, Satellite TV, and the like. EPG for channel programming is also changing. While it showcased a single-channel program guide earlier, today, it showcases a complex web of graphical charts with multiple channels, multiple shows, and extra information about their genre, and so on.

What are the advantages of EPG?

One may feel that EPG is an accessory to the media & entertainment industry. Nothing can be further from the truth. EPG has many advantages that make it a must-have feature in all IPTV or cable tv broadcasting software or set-top boxes.

First and foremost, it helps acquaint the viewers with a bevy of shows. They know which channel to tune into and watch their favorite shows. They need not worry about missing an episode or two if there is a repeat telecast. They can schedule their work according to the listing of any show on the EPG.

Moreover, the slew of extra features is hooking the viewers in unexpected ways. Today, they have the option of recording shows on DVR or cloud for future consumption. Alongside this, they also have parental controls, more complicated grids for channel schedules, and search capabilities for the shows based on their genre or other such parameters. EPG services do not offer a mere mention of the title of the show. Instead, they may even provide trailers, advanced graphics, and AI-powered solutions.


As the world keeps turning, so do technological innovations, and so do services such as EPG for channel programming. It is rightfully developing into a healthy ecosystem with unprecedented details and convenience for the viewers. As the entertainment sector rushes ahead, everyone is bound to see EPGs become more interactive on the user end.

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