Advantages of having a portable ECG machine at home

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Advantages of having a portable ECG machine at home

Heart-related problems become a common issue with aging. Moreover, rushing to the nearby hospital in case of emergencies is not always possible. Thus it is important to have a device at home that can help monitor the heart condition regularly. With the advancement in technology, this is no biggie anymore. People can now have a portable ECG machine at home for regular monitoring of the heart. This modern gadget makes it possible for individuals, to keep a daily check of the cardiac system within the comfort of their home. There are many portable ECG machines in the market these days, but AgeWell’s electronic health monitor device with its ECG feature is the best in the market.

Why is the portable ECG machine important?

Studies made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that 60% of the population have some kind of disease related to the cardiac system. The common reasons for this include an unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle, health-related problems such as chronic illnesses, reactions to allergy and so on. Thus it is important to have a home ECG machine to keep a tab on the cardiac system. 

What is a portable ECG device?

If put in conventional terms, an electrocardiogram or ECG machine is a research technique, which gives a diagrammatic representation of the function of the heart, facilitating detailed analysis of the cardiac system shortly after the study is conducted. ECG is one of the most cost-effective diagnostic methods when compared to other forms of diagnostics. The entire diagnostic procedure hardly lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and provides quite informative reports. Previously, it was only possible for doctors to read the reports. But now, with the emergence of technology, this problem has been solved too. There are various mobile apps these days which when connected with the portable ECG machine can provide you a detailed study of the reports in lucid language. 

Advantages of a portable ECG machine

The perks of having a portable ECG machine are many. Below is a list of those. 


The biggest advantage of having a portable ECG machine is that it is really small in size, facilitating easy storage. Not only that the portable machines are quite light in weight. This makes it a helpful device to carry with you when you are out and about. 

Transfers data to phone or pc in real-time

The home ECG machine is a smart device. You can connect this device with a phone or pc and transfer all the data to the latter in real-time. With this, it will become easier for you to keep regular tabs on the cardiac system. Moreover, you will be able to monitor how much of your heart condition has improved over the days. 

Easy to maintain and operate

As discussed earlier, the foremost reason to get a home ECG machine is to be able to use it on a regular basis to monitor the health of the heart. This can only be possible when the machine is easy to use and maintain. That said, the portable ECG machine is quite simple to use. You can simply attach the device to a person’s chest or wrist region and connect with the fingertips. The ECG kit has multiple electrodes of different colors. Once, you have read the instructions, it will become quite easy for you to use it. 

Measures pulse and heart rate

The portable ECG machine effectively measures the pulse and heart rate. It identifies the somatic state of the heart by detecting pathologies and blockades present in the cardiovascular system. Having the mobile app connected gives you the edge of instant analytical results made by the ECG device. 

Beneficial for doctors

Having a home ECG machine also helps to identity severe cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and ischemia. All these analyses are stored in the pc or mobile device, to which it is connected. If the situation becomes too severe you can make use of these registered documents to show it to the doctor who can help identify the disease and start necessary treatment. 

Round the clock heart monitoring

As it is simple and easy to manage and carry, it can be used during physical activities such as sports. The device can be fastened to the chest which makes it easier to wear it for the entire day and even take a trip for that matter. Moreover, this device is imperative for those who are prone to heart function failure and for those who want to keep continuous tabs on their health condition, it acts like a doctor. 

Wrapping Up

Given all the benefits of the portable ECG machine, it is a must-have in your household if you have a heart patient at home. Moreover, if you are planning to get one for yourself do not forget to check out AgeWell’s high-quality ECG monitoring device. This device will help you to detect heart attacks, palpitations and other severe illnesses and help you prevent it before time. 

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