All You Need To Know About Vinyasa Yoga

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All You Need To Know About Vinyasa Yoga

It is scientifically proven that one of the best ways to keep oneself healthy and fit is by practicing Yoga. Waking up early in the morning, taking a breath of fresh air, and performing different asanas not only keeps your body healthy but also keeps your mind sound and active.


Vinyasa Yoga is considered the "work-out session" of your Yoga routine. It involves a lot of those exercises, which increase your stamina, build the body's strength, make it flexible, and have a calming effect on your mind. Overall, it energizes your body and, at the same time, calms down the mind. It is that kind of Yoga that brings out the adrenaline rush in your blood.


In Sanskrit, the word “vin" means "to place," and "yasa" means "in a special way." Thus, "vinyasas" can be translated into "arranging something in a special way." In this kind of Yoga, you have to coordinate your movement with your breath to move from one pose to another.


Characteristics of Vinyasa Yoga


  • Focuses on your Organs


As you begin with your Vinyasa Yoga, it is crucial to first focus on stretching and strengthening exercises as it opens up your muscles, which helps the practice focus on opening up your joints. Once your joints are open, you can then access organs. This kind of Yoga helps in enhancing circulation and reducing congestions in the organs.


  • Meditation


Vinyasa Yoga includes what is known as meditation in motion. Since meditation focuses on the mind, vinyasa yoga also helps in focusing the mind as it provides something to focus the mind on. The mind could focus on breath, the movement of your body, or the asanas. Whatever be it, Yoga strengthens the mental faculty and helps in stabilizing and focusing on the mind and body.


  • It is not just exercise


It is a misconception that Vinyasa Yoga only includes physical exercises. People often miss out that much of it focuses on introspection and thought process along with exercises. This reflective practice helps in discovering and falling in love with oneself.


Four Elements of Vinyasa Yoga


The first two elements of Vinyasa Yoga lie in the heart of the Vinyasa style and are Sun Salutations. This is the best example for linking body movements with our breath. In general, practice, when inhaling, our body should be flowing upwards while exhaling; it should be towards the ground.


Transitions, known as Vinyasas, represent the third element. "To take a Vinyasa" is to make a transition from one position to another in a particular sequence depending on the asanas which you are performing.


The fourth and the last element is breath. The counting of breath is considered imperative at the beginning of every class, and you are supposed to count and record the number of breaths that you should hold for a particular pose. This is also known as Ujjayi breathing, meaning "ocean breath" concerning the sound produced by it. For this kind of breathing, your lips should be sealed shut, and the air should pass through your throat.


Yoga Styles Based on Vinyasa


Several yoga styles are based on Vinyasa Yoga and cater to the different needs of different people. Some of the popular ones are as follows:


  • Forrest Yoga: This kind of Vinyasa Yoga is based on holding positions and standing for long periods and involves abdominal core work. It is a prolonged-paced exercise that was started by Anna T. Forrest in 1982 and helps individuals discover the hidden power in their personality and build the strength of muscles.
  • Power Yoga: As the name suggests, this yoga practice is quite the opposite of Forrest Yoga and involves a fast-paced and more intense form of Yoga practice. This exercise aims to build strength rather than focus on the spiritual aspect of it.
  • Jivamukti: This traditional form of Yoga is best suited for those who already have experience of practicing Yoga. It is both a physical and spiritual practice and includes the five central principles:- shastra, bhakti, ahimsa, nada, and dhyana.
  • Acro Yoga: As the name suggests, this is a combination of both Yoga and acrobatics. This Yoga helps in connecting you with people and overcoming the fears which are plaguing you. It mainly included partner and group acrobatics and is, therefore, a great way of connecting up and enhancing your relationship with your better half.




Vinyasa Yoga has many benefits attached to it, the primary one being that it trains our mind and allows us to take care and love ourselves. To experience the best results of Vinyasa Yoga, the exercises must be practices with good intentions in mind. One can also travel to some of the hotbeds of Yoga, such as Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Goa, and other such places.


Some of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh will provide you with good teachers who can help you practice Vinyasa Yoga in the best possible manner. If you are serious about building your mental faculty and bodily strength through Vinyasa Yoga, it is best to enroll yourself in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

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