Anxiety vs Depression: Whats The Difference?

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Publish Date : 2020-07-27 13:37:38

Anxiety vs Depression: Whats The Difference?

In the past few decades, various changes have taken place, which have been proven beneficial for humans. As we are aware of today’s time that we people are into various occupations, and hence earning a lot of bucks and attention. However, amidst all of them, we are unable to make time for our family or loved ones even for our own self.

But my friend, if you are turning your back from your family for the sake of your happiness or even for money is not a good thing. Family is important because they pour life values in you, hence you should not neglect them at any cost.

When you don’t give time to your spouse or other family members, it builds a sense of being infuriated with themselves. Therefore this fury leads to anger and if anyone at your home is unable to express anger it will convert into anxiety or depression.

But we are living in a world abundant with the latest technology with modern implements and people are getting their desired stuff in no time. But if they don't get what they desire they will become stressed and mental illnesses will kick in. The birth of mental illness like anxiety and depression starts here. Depression and anxiety may sound similar, but they are different.

However, both of them are harmful to our mental and physical health, Each of them should be treated quickly. If one can harm the body, then another can affect our mind.  Without a healthy mind, our collection can't be fully productive. That's why preventive measures must be taken to prevent such illness. Avoiding junk food, regular meditation, yoga, and proper sleep routine are some of the ways by which we can prevent ourselves from getting into anxiety and depression.

I know you may have a similar question about what exactly anxiety and depression mean. How are they different? In this blog, I will differentiate these both terms so that you can understand them in better terms.


Anxiety is the fear or worry that someone experienced before taking some important decisions. It is quite common, but chronic anxiety can be dangerous. A person suffering from anxiety for a more extended period affects not only his mental health but also his physical condition.

This mental state can be commonly seen in the younger generation. Due to the lack of patience, they can't handle such types of situations. Leading them to commit mistakes in those things which is not so difficult for them. When these mistakes are committed multiple times, they find their life unuseful.


Apart from that, depression is the condition where a person starts to lose hope and face difficulty to make a decision. Depression generally begins whenever a person put all his efforts, time and energy to fulfil his aim and doesn't get the desired result.

Most of the time, it is observed that depression arises when a person fails to succeed in his life after continuous attempt. This mental illness sometimes leads towards the adverse pathways a person towards negative pathways. People who can't handle such mental pressure commits suicide. This mental illness is prevalent in the older generation, but now it can also be seen in younger ones.

Now I hope the above terms are clear to you here we will talk about their differences.

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Difference Between Depression And Anxiety

It seems that Depression and anxiety overlap with each other, but they can be differentiated with their physical and emotional symptoms. Those symptoms are mentioned below :

Symptoms of depression (Physical)

  • Not Feeling Energetic, Extreme Tiredness, Respond Slow, Lack In Alertness
  • Joint Pain, Muscle Cramps, Digestion Problems.
  • Doesn't Desire To Eat Food, Sudden Changes In Body Weight
  • Facing Difficulty In Sleeping, Feeling Tired During The Early Wake-up, Suffering From Sleeping Sickness (Oversleeping).

Emotional Symptoms

  • Loss Of Interest In Daily Activities, Not Feeling Happy, Lack Of Satisfaction
  • Feeling Hopeless All The Time.
  • Try To Commit Suicide

Symptoms Of Anxiety (Physical)

  • Feeling Extreme Tiredness The Whole Day.
  • Facing Difficulty In Learning And Recalling
  • A Sudden Increase In Heart Rate
  • Lack Of Communication
  • Clenching Or Pressing The Jaw.
  • Back And Shoulder Pain
  • In Some Cases, People Have Insomnia.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Feeling Sleepy All Day But Can't Able To Sleep
  • Facing Difficulty In Controlling Fear
  • Showing Behaviour Wildly
  • Can't Control Anger
  • Suddenly Gets Emotional Without Any Reason
  • Always Panicking.
  • Developing Short Temper
  • Not Attracted To The Things He Likes Most.
  • Sudden Changes In Decision

Final Words

Different social media platforms should conduct awareness programs. Special treatment must be provided to the people who have a mental illness. If every person followed preventive measures, then there will be no need to cure such a problem. With a healthy body and a healthy mind, a person will become an asset to the nation. I hope you like this blog and have shared it with your amazing friends and families. Keep following us for more interesting topics.

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